Drury University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This specific program was set up for working adults focused on learning mostly on your own, people that lack self discipline to track and achieve goals will struggle in this environment.


Someone who is not motivated to achieve their education goals.


Any person who is not interested in getting a college education. Any person on drugs or uses alcohol in excess.


The person who has a very specific field of study probably wont find it on Drury's small campus. Also, I wouldn't advise anyone who likes to hide in the back of class to come here, because classes are small and professors know your name.


A person who is not interested in taking "ownership" for their eduction should not attend Drury. A person who wants to be a small fish in a big pond should not attend Drury.


The type of person that is a slacker and not willing to commit themselves or keep up with work should not attend Drury University. Although the student population here is not very diverse, we still have a lot to offer and everyone helps each other strive, but only if everybody holds their ground, is honest, and holds their end of the deal. Also, considering how small and close-knit this campus is, a person looking for a large school should not come here either.


Someone who isn't serious about obtaining higher education. You must be dilligent about class attendance, and make a real effort to study and do well on assignments and tests.


At Drury University the campus, professors, and other students are open to every kind of person. Whether your male or female, Christian or Muslum, in the military, athlethic, poor or wealthy, an activist, an environmentalist , a mother, the prom queen, the nerd or any other title there is a place for you. Teachers become your friends, roomates become your siblings, and Drury becomes a family, a home. Every person can find their place here, so every person can attend.


A person always looking for intense action all weekend long could probably find a better fit than Drury. A lot of people go home on the weekends, so a car is almost required to find activities in Springfield since there is not a bus system. A person that is looking to get lost in a large class and not have much teacher/student interaction shouldn't attend Drury.


Honestly I don't think there is any kind of person that should not attend this school. As with any college yo need to be self starter and self motivated. This is a wonderful school with small class sizes to better get oe on one attention


Someone who is looking for a big university and big sport teams and big classes with little attention from their professors should not go to this university.


People who would be more comfortable at a large state school