Drury University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Haven't attended Drury yet. Attended SLU 6 years ago.


There isn't anything I can think of that I didn't already know.


I wish I would of known the skill level the GSTU 101 computer class I am taking. I feel that I could of taken a higher skill level and learned more than I have thus far.


Nothing I am glad I picked the school I did.


I wish I had known that Drury was a wet campus and that partying/drinking is a big part of the community. I do not participate in those kind of activities and if I had known the weight that partying and drinking held on campus, I probably would have chosen another college.


I wish I had known the importance of researching scholarships before I came to school. I believe they would have not only pay for school but also to relieve some of the stress and pressure that I have felt by not receiving any scholarships.


How expensive the books were going to be. I did not have enough money saved, and had to borrow some from my parents.


The main issues I would like to have known about ahead of time include credit hours, food quality, and homesickness. I wish that I had known to take duel enrollment classes because so many other students here have. This lack of hours puts me behind in housing preference. Also I would have brought more edible food with me because the commons is lacking. I would have liked to know that I was going to miss home more than I thought that I ever would and that friends from home would not visit since I live four hours away from them.


I wish I would have known that college life requires alot more self modivation.


I wish I had known how to branch out more. Coming in to a new school was extremely hard for me and if I would have opened up more in the first few weeks of school, I could have made friends much quicker than I did, and probably more friends as well. I wish I had known that everyone is going through the same thing and that if I could get over my self-conciousness, everyone could learn what a great person I am on the inside, instead of judging me based on what I look like.


I wish that I had known better study habbits. I think that there should be a class in high school to teach good study pactices. I think that would better prepare students to be more successful when entering college.


not chose anywhere else


I wish I had known that the sport I was playing was made up of all foregin players. I kind of new but did not realize how different it would be but fun as well. I also wish I had found out more about the coach I was playing for. That is why I am no longer playing my sport. I wish I would have known more about some of the extra activities that the students get involved in on the weekends.