Duke University Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


At the risk of sounding unoriginal, I simply have to mention how good it felt to win the NCAA Basketball national championship in 2010. The game was in Indianapolis, so those of us who couldn't make the trip all gathered in Cameron Indoor Stadium. We watched it on the huge Jumbotron in our gym, and we bit our nails as the incredibly close game carried on. It came down to the very last shot, and we all jumped for joy and gave hugs to strangers when we finally won. Afterwords, we moved out to the quad and burned down our dormitory benches (an old tradition). The entire ordeal was exhilarating. Indeed, I will never forget that day.


My very first Tailgate was an AMAZING experience. When I was choosing colleges, I was choosing between Duke and Harvard. Coming to Duke I was worried I had made the wrong decision, but Tailgate completely changed that view. My P-Build (a pre-orientation program Duke offers) crew leader had told me how to dress - in ridiculous clothes, was pretty much how she could describe it (the words "tu-tus" and "spandex" were thrown around), so I went dressed as superman. When I arrived, I realized Duke was a place I could call home. What other student body could get together in a random parking lot in the Blue Zone (where you park on west campus) and throw a huge party with everyone dressed in RIDICULOUS costumes. It speaks to the Duke student spirit - we don't do anything half-heartedly, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Although Tailgate is currently no more (hopefully it comes back sometime!), the students are the same and I am so glad for that.

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