Duke University Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


Wednesday night = Wednesday night Shooters - If you want to go out on Wednesday (which is the start of the weekend at Duke) you got to Shooters, the dive bar right off of East Campus (with all the Freshman). 18 to enter and 21 to drink. At shooters on Wednesday it is Beer Pong night. - $5 cover - Most underclassmen don't go. Upper classmen are very territorial over this night at Shooters. Thursday night = Devines or Alivias (or Satis) - On main street (also off of East Campus) is a "strip," if you will, of bars and restaurants. - Devines is 18 to enter and 21 to drink. Tall boys are a big hit. They have an outdoor patio that's super nice. Gets crowded. $5 cover - Alivias is right next door to Devines but is only for 21 and up so the upper classmen mostly go there. No cover - Satis...Big Beers on Thursday. Some crowds do this and others don't. You can only do it once you're 21. No cover. Friday night = if you're Greek/SLG most people will have events this night. If you're non-greek then there are other options such as going out to any of the places off campus, doing a Disney Sing-a-long, going to one of the many performances Duke offers, hanging out with friends doing something chill, or just wandering around! Saturday night = Shooters. Underclassmen go to this one. Actually, everyone goes to this. It gets sweaty and gross and the mirrors on the dance floor fog up but no one cares. Before Shooters though you probably drank at a section party or with your friends or in a group if that's your thing. If it's not your thing then see Friday night. Also, talking to people who typically don't go out to drink on weekends would be a good thing. That being said, you do NOT have to drink to have fun. A lot of people didn't drink and still did and went to the places named and had an awesome time. Sunday - library, unless you're a senior in which case He's Not in Chapel Hill is a BIG deal Monday - library Tuesday - library for most people unless you are one of the crazy people who goes out on a Tuesday. Wednesday....


Duke students vary extremely on their definition of "weekend", from 7 day-weekends to 0-day weekends. What I mean by that is some people go out or drink literally every night, while others will never go out. I would say a majority of Duke students, whether they drink or not, go out or hang out with people on the weekends. As a member of a greek organization, I usually go out with my sisters to mixers or date functions at least once or twice a weekend. Wednesday Night Shooters is a big thing at Duke - the club, Shooters II, turns into a big hangout spot on Wednesday nights. Every night of the week has a different bar or club that is allegedly "popping" at that time. I don't have incredible experience with going to any clubs or bars on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, but the other nights are really fun! Quite a few people at Duke will go out with their friends or hang out with their friends who are drinking even when they do not drink themselves. Alcohol and drugs are easy to find and prevalent in campus culture.

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