Duke University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think we are best known for forming deep bonds with each other. Duke has students from all over the world- it is a place where cultures and ideas collide. Through the variety of interactions possible from such diversity, everyone grows. I think we all understand how great of an opportunity we have, and how hardworking we must be to attend this school: we are aware that everyone here is capable of something very great, and we mutually respect and support each other for that.


Sports and Academics! Duke has an amazing sports culture that brings the students together through pride. At the same time, we have a strong focus on academics that can't be overlooked. Classes are rigorous, but the material and life lessons you learn from them are priceless. This school truly prepares you for a fast-track wok environment.


It's basketball team! Everyone is very spirited about it. We also are known to work hard and play ahrd


If I had to name my absolute FAVORITE campus tradition, it was TAILGATE, an amazing pre-football game celebration involving ridiculous costumes, getting drenched, and random dancing. Duke cancelled this amazing event last year, but people still throw informal tailgates or tailgate-themed parties. Another fun Duke tradition is keggerskating, which is basically a party in a skating rink. Duke's Halloween and Christmas parties at "Big Barn" are also really fun. Tenting is an experience many people love (one not for me - TOO COLD), and I've heard being at the UNC game is INCREDIBLE. Just being in Cameron and living the culture of Duke basketball is amazing (this coming from a UNC fan). LDOC is also an awesome event - it's basically a campus-wide, all day party and concert on the last day of classes.


Duke is like the Disney World of academia. I get so excited everytime I get back to campus. It has its weaknesses, just like any other school, but it is worth it for the educational and social experience of a lifetime!


Duke is best known for its excellent academics, its men's basketball team, its Gothic architecture and Hogwarts-esque campus, its research opportunities, and its dynamic students.


Their men's basketball team as well as Duke Engage which is a service program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for students to participate in independent or group service projects around the world.


Duke basketball! Everyone at Duke is a die-hard Blue Devil and it's a fantastic and fun environment that brings together students, professors, alumni, and the rest of the community. GO DUKE!!


At the moment, our school is best known for the Cameron Crazies. Duke just recently won a National Basketball Championship, and we are planning for a repeat performance this year. That being said, the student body has taken it upon themselves to camp out weeks before the game to secure that glorious courtside view for home games. We have news coverage on us days before the Cameron Stadium doors open, focusing on our dedication to Duke Basketball. We weather the rain, the cold, and even the potential tornadoes to support our men on the court.


In pop culture, Duke is best known for its competitive basketball program. Basketball receives tremendous support from most of the student body and faculty. In the academic world, Duke is known for being a leader in research in many different fields. It has a high-quality medical center that attracts patients from the area and beyond. In addition to a strong undergraduate program, Duke has many extremely competitive graduate programs.


There are three key items that my school is most well known for: sports, academics, and tenting. Of course, the most prominent of Duke's sports is basketball. It seems like everybody knows something about Duke Basketball despite not knowing anything about Duke or even about basketball. On the other hand, Duke is one of the hardest schools to get into in the country because of its intensive and rigorous academic regimen. Finally, anyone familiar with Duke Basketball will surely know a thing or two about the Cameron Crazies that tent in order to attend the Duke-UNC rivalry game.


Duke is known for its academics and its basketball team. When you graduate you'll realize that more people care about the latter than the former, although a Duke degree does get you far, especially with Duke's vast alumni network. Duke's undegraduate engineering department is particularly strong while the quality of its liberal arts departments can vary substantially. Engineering students frequently accept high-paying industry jobs upon graduation. Duke also has an excellent Divinity School of which self-directed undergraduates can take advantage.




Basketball, although we're quite good at Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematics as well.


Our Cameron Crazies. We have an excellent athletic program and great school spirit. This school support is not limited to just sports, but extends to extracurricular activities and campus life.


Duke basketball: Blue Devils


Basketball, Reserach and Parties


basketball, cameron crazies, being academically competitive, the gothic architecture, coach K, duke medical center


Great mix of social life and academics


Duke's yearly Springternational Festival


Developing careers instead of minds, and moving students along in an assembly line fashion, stamping them with a blue devil as they are booted off into the "real world."