Duke University Top Questions

What are some hot-button issues on campus?


The new house model - Duke is initiating a new house model, where sophomores and juniors are being mixed up and spread across central and west campus. In this model, sororities, which typically have not had housing, are getting housing. Most students that I have talked to do not want this model to be initiated. They think it will deprive many students of the great experience of living on West. The administration thinks that it will foster community. Tailgate - still a hot-button issue a year later, students want their tailgate back. The administration is working with student government to figure out how to do so, but they have yet to figure out anything that works. Attendance at football games is way down, with most students completely unaware of when the games even are without a tailgate to mark on their calendars. Students also complain that Tailgate was one of the only truly open events on Duke's campus, where literally any student could come, and without it the campus is more closed-off. Additionally, there is always some scandal going on around campus. Whether it be controversial party themes, ill-conceived powerpoints, or editorials to the Chronicle (the student newspaper) gone wrong, there is always something to be discussed. Often, these scandals are picked up by the mainstream media, causing many students to feel as if Duke is constantly subject to scrutiny from the public.

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