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What are your classes like?


Duke doesn't do "course hours" like a lot of school, we simply have 1 credit courses and .5 credit courses. I am in 4 1 credit courses and 2 .5 credit courses. I am in Molecular Biology (Bio 101), Advanced Abnormal Psychology (Psy 119B), Child Clinical Psychology (Psy 119C) and Personality Psychology (Psy 114). I am also taking a P.E. course on rock climbing, and I am in a "practicum", or a research credit where I do 8 hours of work at a psychology center every week. Overall, I really like my classes. Psy 119B and 119C are REALLY easy. Psy 114 is easy material, but the tests are short answer so it is difficult to recall all of that information. Bio 101 is hard and is a lot of memorization. As far as a practicum, I should have done it during a less-busy semester, but I would definitely recommend it. You get some real-world experience in a field you're interested in. Overall, good classes.


A Duke student talks about her favorite classes.


A Duke student talks about her most difficult class.


Emily White, a Duke student, talks about her favorite class, and what she likes to do during her down time.

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