Duke University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The girls here are really attractive and nice, the campus community is really close and everybody really loves being here. My peers are very smart and accomplished, and we all help each other out.


Basketball and career opportunities!


That we're all a bunch of geniuses going to the top law firms, the top investment banking instutions, the top med schools, and we have a top basketball team.


The campus is beautiful, with impressive gothic architecture, bright green lawns, and smiling students. During the Fall and Winter, the campus turns even more beautiful as the leaves change color and snow starts to fall. The sports programs are also amazing, with top teams in men's basketball, soccer, and lacrosse, as well as numerous women's programs. The entire school has great team spirit and it's a fantastic community to cheer on your classmates.


Students at Duke know how to have fun and study hard.


Duke has everything you are looking for in a university. This is the place for the well-rounded studnt: students who are interested in top level academics, who want to be successful, but who also love athletics/extra-curriculars as well ascivic engagement and diversity. Students here are engaged in the community and receive the best education possible, while at the same time maintaining healthy social lives. Our alumni network is impeccable and our faculty follows suit. We recently won the NCAA Championship for Men's Basketball, the atmosphere at Duke right now cannot found anywhere else!


I brag about the diversity at Duke when I tell my friends about my school. Many different students come here from all over the world. My peers are very intellectually gifted and have amazing life stories to share. Most of the people who come to Duke have excelled academically and have achieved much thus far in their lives, and so it is incredible when one of my classes will have a valedictorian, a student with a perfect SAT score, someone who is from Botswana, and another who is an exchange student from Europe.


The unique system Duke has where all freshmen live on East Campus. It serves as a safety net for us allowing for us to live in our own community. It is comforting in the beginning to walk into the dining hall and know everyone else is simply a nervous and timid college freshmen like yourself. It facilitates us making friends with the rest of our class. At first I was skeptical about this plan, and now I would not want this living experience to be anything else.


Our school spirit is overwhelmingly welcoming. It's like being enveloped in a large hug when I get on campus. And it's infectious. Everyone here is rooting for the school whether it's the sports team or the research team applying for a grant or an alum up for some award. The spirit is encouraging and supportive and it makes campus like a huge family. Genuine school spirit is what I brag about to my friends because no one else I know goes to a school as devoted to it's name as Duke students.


I brag about the community feel. About how proud people are when they graduate. About all of the AMAZING resources and opportunities.


The multiple opportunities afforded to students. I brag about the cultural experiences including study abroad opportunities, cultural programming, and even the food vendor choices on campus. The diversity was awesome!


I am able to brag about the great amount of opportunities available in studying abroad, leadership, internship, networking, and mentoring. By simple association many companies are within easy reach of correspondence and often are willing to lend a hand in partnership for some exciting new production to be made.


Beautiful Campus


basketball and academics and beauty of campus


I'm constantly learning new things and becoming more engaged, in and out of the classroom.


school spirit, tailgate, basketball


The best thing about Duke has to be the fact that Coach Krzyzewski, the Duke Men's Basketball Coach, coached the 2008 U.S. Men's Olympic Baskeball Team to a Gold Medal victory over Spain in Beijing. It was absolutely amazing being able to watch the Olympics this year and being able to converse with my non-Duke companions about the fact that "Coach K" from my school led the Olympic team to victory. I felt so proud at that moment to be a Duke student; the sports teams are what bring this school much of its delegated fame.