Duke University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should attend Duke University if you are a well-rounded person that is capable of managing multiple responsibilities. Duke students are expected to maintain a stellar GPA, finesse the internship search, have an amazing social life, and hold executive positions on multiple boards, all while maintaining the image of the "Cameron Crazie." It's a heavy load and one that I have found difficult to maintain, but is also an opportunity and experience that I am eternally grateful for.


Someone who is dedicated and able to balance social life and school life! It is a difficult thing ot find here and there is a lot of pressure to succeed in both worlds.


Everyone should attend this school since its student body is so diverse and its flexibility and opportunities to do or study anything are boundless.

William Alex

Given that the Duke's student population is an internationally diverse body of uniquely talented, focused, driven, hardworking, intelligent and competitive achievers who were admitted to Duke after lifelong preparation in academics, athletics or the arts, ethics, and earnest, dedicated, community service, students with these qualities who are looking for a medium-sized university with an ivy-league atmosphere where athletic, artistic and other unique talents are celebrated and who are prepared for an academically rigorous program where students work extremely hard but find time for recreation and comraderie with a tightly-knit group of classmates should attend.


They should enjoy a good time, but be prepared to buckle down and study hard when the time comes.


Someone who is ready to work hard and doesn't mind being in a competitive environment socially, but mostly academically. Someone ready to voice their opinion when asked, not afraid to speak up.


The Duke student population is very diverse and all-encompassing. Because of the ease by which students can join or even create extra-curricular activities, every student is able to find the niche that best suits them. What all Duke students have in common, however, is intellectual curiousity and a drive for acquiring knowledge, balanced with a healthy social life.


A person who wants to learn in-depth about their favorite subject. The students are smart and competitive. The professors are well grounded in their subjects and expect high quality work from the students. The school is not large so you get to know just about everyone and everyone knows you. Sports are great, too.


Students who enjoy being challenged and did well in high school should attend this school. Students who have a high and unshakable self esteem would also do well, as it is easy to become discouraged when your grades here are not as well as they were in high school. Someone who does not mind random spurts of rain, wind, and then warmth will also find the campus pleasant. All races, genders, and sexual orientations are welcomed on campus. Students who have low tolerance for being around alcohol and partying should beware.


A person who's interests match the core academic fields of this university should attend it. My only experience comes from the Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology departments. Basketball fans, greek life fans... It's very accomodating in general.


a motivated person, who wants to be challenged. Somebody who wants to get a lot of experience out of their college experience. Somebody who wants to experience multiple cultures


Someone who would like to be challenged academically and would be an involved member of the active community- sports, volunteering, clubs, greek life...


any person who didn't mind living in the south


academically focused people, fun, open-minded, people with a strong work ethic and who also know how to keep a good balance in their life.