Duke University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Influence of Greek life over numerous social activities


I wish I had researched the theoretical underpinnings of the program and the marketability of my degree; still, I got an amazing, life changing education, and I woudn't trade the experience for anything.


Before I came to Duke, I wish I'd known just how smart everyone else would be. Duke is a very prestigious school, and in high school everyone at Duke was the top of their class. What I didn't realize was that that meant I wouldn't be the top anymore. I'm perfectly fine with that, but it was quite a reality check at first. When you go to college you should know that you might not necessarily be the best anymore, and that's ok. Just work hard and do your best.


Do not overload with difficult classes.


Get a summer internship.


I wish I have known more about the social structure at Duke. Duke is known for their racial diversity so I was under the impression tlhat I would have the opportunity to meet new and interesting students. From a Freshman perspective, the various races are more segregated that I expected and am familiar with. Such as eAsians hang out with Asians, Whites with Whites, African Americans with African Americans, etc. This is a different world than I am use to. I am determined to challenge this social structure because after all, this is America!


I wish I'd realized how little time 3 semesters is to figure out what you want to major in, and that I'd thought more about it in high school.


Duke is an awesome school for students that want serious academic studies but not at the price of a social life! There is tons of school spirit and cool traditions such as tenting before the annual Duke-UNC basketball game. Duke will give you the resources you need to succeed , but only if you seek them! If you are having trouble with academics, social life, or simply adjusting to college, find help before it manifests into a bigger problem.


I wish i would have known that it was a drinking school and how to be in the social scene more.


The flexibility of choosing classes based on interest and the opportunity to create your own major.


I wish I had known that college costs this much. I'm getting financial aid but it's still hard coming from a working class family and trying to fit in around so many wealthy people.




I had wanted to do theatre and not pre-med, and would have gone to another school


I wish I had known how focused it was on Greek life, how small it feels, and how little the student body appreciates the arts. Had I known this, I would have chosen to go to a bigger school with more student appreciation for the arts and more opportunities for socializing other than the same old frat parties.


I wish I had known that I did not want to study engineering and had enrolled at Duke with just an economics major.


The atmosphere of the sudent body, and the super strong focus on accomplishments.


study harder when i was a freshman!