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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




If I could go back and talk to myself at the beginning of my high school senior year, I would tell myself to get everything taken care of for high school, take everything more seriously, and to not underestimate anything in college. Since I am currently half way through my senior year and in my second year of college, there is only so much I could tell myself. Anything I needed to make up for high school, I would tell myself to start right away and work until the requirement is met, so that I could spend what's left of the year tending to my current work and getting ready to graduate high school. I take everything eduactional seriously, but my time management is a little off. I would tell myself that friends and significant others will be there after high school and after college, and if they aren't helping me educationally, then they can wait a few more months. Everything in college is there for a reason, even the smallest assignments are linked to something big. I would tell myself to do every assignment as if they were all big, because they all impact grading the same.


If I were able to return to high school as a senior I would have applied myself much better. It's been 13 years since but I still think about how I wish I were more serious. For instance, it wouldn't bother me if I waited till last minute to get up and go to school. I would sometimes be 5 minutes late to my first class. Now, I can't stand when people show up late and have no respect for their classmates or professors. Also, acadmecially, I would have pushed myself harder in high school. I was a decent student and received A's, B's and and occasional C but I know if I would have utilized my time at home and studied the material I would have received far more A's. My niece who is 16 wants to be a doctor when she is finished with her education. I express to her how important it is to do well in math, science, and attendance. How come hindsight is always 20/20? Let's just say, apply yourself as a senior, do the work, get excited about your education, and you'll be preapared.


I would tell myself not to take the year off that i did, because it ended up being 17 years off.