Duquesne University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Duquesne may have its problems, but its still my school.


Well sized school located just the right distance from the city with all of the benefit of being close to the action.


Upper-middle class students majoring in the "professions", being members of Greek Life, wearing Ugg boots and Northface jackets.


Duquesne University offers all the opportunities of living in a big city, but the campus has a small town feel to it.


Duquesne University offers the benefits and intimacy of a small private school, but it sits on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, thus offering endless activities and opportunities for students.


friendly and a well rounded instutution.


Academially based with a lot of possible organizations you could join.


Duquesne cannot be described in words, let alone one sentence; the faculty, alumn, students and I myself are walking attestments to the University itself, a University unlike anyother grounded in education, morality, faith, reason, and a strong sense of self worth and pride, dedicated to hard work and those life experience that embody the self, that become the self, those things which cannot be explained in words but only in the character itself and the look of accomplishment and pride in the eyes of all who walk the campus of Duquesne University.


Duquesne University is comprised of two different groups: Those concerned about their studies and work really hard and those who are here because they feel privledged and want to party and have a rich spouse.


Duquesne is a geographical hidden treasure in a corner of Pittsburgh's uptown section but a university of diverse students who share a common goal of gaining a top quality education to prepare us for for our futue careers.


Duquesne University is education for the mind, heart, and spirit.


Duquesne University is a small collaborative campus with a small student base which easily allows for academic support.


Career focused and encourages hands-on education.


Duquesne is a private, catholic college with friendly students, professors, and staff that are always willing to politely help you out.


the location is nice, we are on sort of a plateua above the city so it is very private. the students are nice for the most part and most of the teachers genuinely care about the students


Very diverse and has unique degree programs.


We love God and money.


Duquesne is a great school in a great atmopshere ; you don't even feel like you are in the city because it actually has a campus despite being in downtown Pittsburgh.


Duquesne is a school that embodies religion in an understanding way.


Duquesne is an awesome school in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh that focuses on students academically while still providing ample opportunities to relax and have fun on campus and to venture into the city for things like Pittsburgh sporting events, nightclubs, theatres, restaurants, and more.