Duquesne University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Duquesne is diverse, students from many different backgrounds and locations.


Students here are hard-working, friendly and amazing! They treat me as their friends, and they also respect me.


classmates at Duquesne are willing to go the extra mile in order to share their notes with you if you miss a day, pick you up when your down, and band together to fight for what is right.


My classmates are dedicated to their studies and their faith while still maintaing a fun and positive attitude.


I get along with all of my classmates and we provide support for each other; however, their are definite cliques and people tend to hang out with their friends only.


They were wonderful, hardworking and cooperating with one another.


They are arrogant, self absorbed, rude, and more concerned about their looks than anything else.


My classmates in my major are a very small, close-knit group, from very diverse backgrounds. We tend to be a little "strange", since we're music majors, but that just makes it easier to be creative, learn a lot, and have fun!


Most of my classmates do not seem to want to be in class or care about their education.


Confident, determnined individuals.


Eager to learn and inquisitive


My classmates are determined and hardworking.


My classmates were very very intelligent people with coherent and interesting opinions. Most all of my classmates were vocal in their opinions and beliefs which lead to a more interesting class. And rather than being pretentious as one would expect them to be, all of my classmates were well rounded, personable, and "real" people.


My classmates are outgoing, energetic individuals with large amounts of drive and ambition.


Many of my classmates are fun and outgoing people who I enjoy being around.


The people I go to school with are very nice and goal-oriented. They are willing to help if needed. They are not all the same race or religion as I, but we get along in the environment that Duquesne provides to us.


I feel bad saying this, but most of them are egotistical conservatives who come from a background of money - something I do not have which is why I can hardly pay for school.


They are all very similar to eachother. They seem to be from upper middle to richer white families. Alot of them play sports like football or soccer. They are nice but it seems as though they are scared of people unlike themselves. Rather than ask questions so that they are informed and know more, they seem to shy away from the unknown, even from myself at times.


Most of the students are white and catholic, i think, but it really makes no difference. being asian wasn't ever a problem. I really felt that I was a minority though, being from california. if anything, i stood out from the crowd at duquesne because i was asian.


Duquesne is not wildly diverse. There are many Catholics, and not many different races or religions. Duquesne is more politically conservative than I would say other universities. Many students dress up everyday, and it is often regarded as a fashion show. If you are not in a clique, forget it. People are not open to new friends. Most students are from Pittsbugh or Cleveland, and many students come to Duquesne with their high school friends. Most are upper middle class or wealthy.


The student body...I'd have to say that the majority of Duquesne is very positive, caring, and enthusiastic.


Duquesne students do tend to "dress up" for class. Girls look cute despite the gross weather, and wear heels despite all the hills. It's not uncommon to see people in sweatpants, though. Athletes and students from other countries tend to sit together, but people mostly just sit with their friends at the dining halls. There are lots of small tables and different places to eat.


The student body consists of soulless and oblivious alcoholics.


Duquesne is mostly rich white students. They come from very wealthy backgrounds. The girls dress up for class in skirts and hills. They have their hair done. Boys also try to look good for school.


The students at Duquesne are very diverse, especially considering it is a Catholic university. There are students of all races, ethnicities, religions, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientations, etc. You are never made to feel like you don't belong. For instance, I'm not Catholic and I've never felt like I should be or that I don't belong because I'm not. Most people are very open-minded. However, there are a decent amount of Catholics, and Christians in general. Also, many people tend to be more conservative. But there are a fair share of more liberal people, like myself, who make sure that we are heard on campus as well. I have never encountered problems relating to that even through election times. There are many students that live close by and a large amount commute, but then we have people from all over the country and the rest of the world, too. It's really a mixed group of people.


Duquesne is definitely not a very diverse place in many ways, but it isn't stiffling. The majority of students are caucasian of similar economic backgrounds, but there is some diversity. Politics are not very big at Duquesne as it is a more conservative and religious atmosphere. However, do not let that deter you- I am very liberal and non-religious and it is not an issue at all. People are fairly diverse once you get to know them, but I would say more people are conservative than not. Duquesne is very volunteer-oriented and everyone for the most part is extremely friendly. It is an amazing atmosphere- people always hold open doors for you and hold elevators as well.


'Punkish' Skateboarders would at fit in at Duquesne. We have mostly preps. I think I've counted about 4 total 'emo, punk, piercing faced' people on the whole campus. Duquesne overall is filled with nice dressed and looking people. We care about our appearance. Some wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to class everyday yet others look nice. No one judges. Most Duquesne students are from PA, yet i have met many foreigners who come here fr our pharmacy program since it is very highly ranked.


Duquesne is a Catholic university, and that is a large part of its mission statement, however if you are not catholic you won't feel out of place. Duquesne also brings students over from many other countries, but the majority of the student body is from the east coast, and many students are local. Because of this campus can get pretty boring on the weekends and downtown dies on the weekends as well, but you can always go down to the waterfront or southside to find things to do! Students where a large variety of clothing to class, from sweats to jeans to nicer, dressy outfits...


The campus can be a little close minded when it comes to GLTB issues. We do have a Gay-Straight Alliance but it really isn't recognized. I understand this is a catholic university, but times have changed. This campus has an interesting range of dress. There are people in sweats every day and there are the people wearing Gucci and Prada. So dress how you dress and there will be people to match you. Also, most students are from around the Pittsburgh area.


I feel that Duquese greatly lacks in diversity, both ethnic and religious. Economic wise you will find a range of every type of person. The majority of student are middle to upper class. Duquesne is diverse if you come from a high school that had no diversity. However, if your high school did have diversity, Duquesne comes off as a white Christian University. I have rarely found anyone who is not Christian. Politically, students are pretty 50-50. Though, you rarely find people who are passionate about politics.


Most students dress up for class. I never really did, but alot of the girls will bring their expensive bags, sunglasses, and shoes to class thinking they are in a modeling show. After sophomore year noone seems to care about what they wear anymore.


Generally students at Duquesne are from an upper-middle class background. Many are from the surrounding area, but there are people from throughout the country and world for programs in the health sciences and pharmacy. Students dress up for clas more so than at other schools -- no pajamas and sweatpants here -- be prepared to wear the latest looks from Express, Gap, American Eagle, and JCREW to class.


Emo kids would probably feel out of place at Duquesne. Coming from Long Island, the first thing I noticed was that there are no guidos and no emo kids. it was awesome! Most kids look nice going to class. I rarely saw pajamas. Most kids that go to Duquesne are in the area. I think I was the only person I knew from Long Island.