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Its in the inner heart of PIttsburgh so there's always something to do, look at, or attend while experiencing the city to the fullest.


Duquesne offers a small town atmosphere in the middle of a large city. So, you feel comfortable walking around campus and get to know everyone fairly well, but you can walk a few blocks and attend a hockey game, concert, or other night life activities. There's so much to do here!


Duquesne's location is truly unique; it's a smaller school, but in a big-city environment. Students have easy access to theaters, concerts, sports arenas, shopping, and businesses.


The teachers at this school place a lot of importance on the students' success. They are very helpful to the students and are readily available. It is an urban campus but also has a "small town" feel, so you get the best of both worlds. Students make a lot of friends here because everyone is extremely nice and hoping to meet as many people as possible.


Duquesne is small in size. The teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:14 so the learning environment allows for you to have lots of one on one time with your professor. Many of the students on Duquesne's campus know each other and help each other out in times of struggle or if we just need to talk. Although there is not much diversity, we as a collective group of students do not see color and we are like a big family. Other schools that I considered were much larger & lacking the family atmosphere.


Duquesne University was unique compared to other schools because of the campus. Because it is located in the switch from downtown to uptown Pittsburgh one might expect an urban campus that is not private or secluded. However once you are on the campus you tend to forget that just a few steps away are the busy city streets. The campus is gorgeous and very spacious for being in the city. Also it is within walking distance of the Consol Energy Center for Penguins fans, downtown, and the Southside.


It currently has a 5 year masters program for my major, Occupational Therapy, that is recommended from multiple schools.


Duquesne gave you big city living with a small school atmosphere so you were not overwhelmed at times. When on campus, you felt you were in your own world. When off campus, we had the advantages of professional sports teams, symphany orchestra, broadway, and museums for cultural entertainment. We also had shopping and dining hot spots all within about 20 minute commutes or even walking distances. Not to mention, top business for internships and side jobs while attending school.


Being that Duquesne is located in a large city, there is a quaint smallness of this school that made me feel comfortable. Duquesne is a good fit for me me since I graduated from a small Catholic High School also in Pittsburgh. The two schools are similar in their values and mission.


It's a smaller school so everyone gets an opportunity to make some really close friends that they will have for a lifetime. Also this school has many different schools within the university so there is a lot to choose from academically based.


Duquesne is tucked away within downtown Pittsburgh; sometimes, while on-campus, I forget that I'm in the city at all. Duquesne provides the excitement and convenience associated with city living while also offering the safety and serenity of a more rural campus. Of course, that's not true all of the time. Trains and helicopters and low-flying planes are often issues, but as far as large crowds and labyrinthine traffic jams are concerned, a Duquesne student hardly has to worry about them. It's an urban campus with a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere.


Duquesne University has a lot of cultural activities. Especially since we are in the heart of the city there is a lot of culture around us between conventions, fairs, and festivals. The Southside, which is a district of stores and restaurants and bars very close to campus that is always holding events and festivals that are very fun to attend.


One nice thing about my college is the location. The school it self is quiet and pretty but as soon as you step off campus you are in downtown Pittsburgh with lots of different things to do. The teachers ask alot of their students but they also want you to succeed and are available to help you do so. It is a very tight-knit atmosphere which can be nice because you become very close with friends you meet here.


The professors are very accessible and there is lots of opportunity for undergraduates to get involved and to get experience with original research.


Nothing is that unique. It was the right distance from home, had a division 1 program, is real good academically, and is a city school. Even though its a city school it still has the campus feel and is compact.


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There is a very strong sense of family among Duquesne students and faculty. We also have the best Freshman Orientation program in the nation.


The smaller class sizes and reputation for my chosen degree is unique to Duquesne.


We are in the downtown area of the city but at the same time we are separated from the general hustle and bustle because we are on top of a bluff. we get the best of both worlds.


When I chose to go to Duquesne, I chose it because of the size of the school. The classes were intimate and you could get the help when you needed it. I would have to feel bogged down by walking into a lecture hall that had 500 kids in it. I also enjoyed the fact that I would be continuing with my education at a Catholic college. I have attended Catholic school my entire life and it was important to me to continue to enhance my faith.


I really like Duquesne! It is the perfect size and I feel comfortable with my professors!


Duquesne University was the smallest school I considered attending, and I am pleased with my decision. the small-school atmosphere has really allowed me to figure out who I am and has also allowed me to attain the help necessary to become the best student/person I can be.


The location of the school is perfect and like no other college. Duquesene is located on a bluff that looks over the city. Students can go to the city or the neighboring area southside to hang out. The professors are very hands on and actually get to know the students. The school has excellent programs for students that focus from the start of freshman year directly on the major.


Location.... Duquesne is in the city but the campus is very isolated and has a rural feel to it.


Overall I did not like my experience at Duquesne. Most of the professors were rude and they talked down to you and did not want to be bothered with undergrad students. Some professor s do not even make new tests from year to year and therefore the frats and sororities do well because they have the previous tests. It is very unfair. The frat and sorority scene was overwhelming. The student accounts office is very rude and always messes up your financial account and then does not want to help you to make it right. No one knows where to guide you in the right direction if you have a question. If they do it is few and far between.


The only problem I've ever really had with Duquesne is the financial aid department. Basically, they're morons. They never seem to get anything right. I've heard this is a problem at other colleges, too, so maybe that's just a general thing. Just make sure that you stay on top of the financial stuff because they will try to screw you if they can.


The rules seem very strict at Duquesne on paper, but once arriving you find things are not written in stone. Duquesne likes to uphold a reputation to parents and others as a very classy and value-based University, which it is, but it is not stiffling. There's plenty to do, plenty of people who drink, some people that don't drink, etc.


It's very expensive, but definately worth every penny!


If you want a good education and don't mind a relatively small campus with a president who cares solely about athletics (particularly football and male basketball) then Duquesne is a good school to look at!


I really do like this university. I think it is overpriced and I complain about it, but I know my education will be well worth all of the loans I will have to pay. I have had so much fun the past 3 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have met my best friends on this campus! I had other school choices, but I am glad I went with Duquesne.


I do miss Duquesne. As much as people complain about the music school (myself included), when you leave you realize how much knowledge you have! They teach you stuff inside and out (with the exception of a bad teacher here and there). Best teachers--Tom Kikta, Amanda Ford, Dr. Tamar, Prof. Cutler. He just subbed for my class one time. I don't do well with being called on out of nowhere so it's a good thing I didn't have him. However, he knows a lot of information! If you're looking for a party school/cool city, you're in the wrong place. If that doesn't bother you, then try it out. I would suggest Duquesne to a lot of people. I had a great time there.