Duquesne University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is not enough diversity or school spirit. Its not an ideal college experience as far as sporting events go.


Depending on your major and your specific classes and teachers, some classes can be a waste of time and money. I have had multiple teachers that do not know how to teach and mearly read off or power-point slides with no further imput. For the time I put into classes I get frustrated when educated professors seem to mearly waste my time and not add to my knowlege or skills. The best advice I can give, is to love learning and learn to be a self-motivated life time learner.


My school allows various students various work opportunities but it specifies certain types of work to upperclassmen preventing some of the freshmen from adopting work environments that requires more experience. This is an unfavorable idea because freshmen should be allowed to adopt such an intensive work if they possess prior experience before attending college.


Not a lot of school spirit for sports and etc. Hopefully this will improve.


Though the smaller size is comforting the environment sometimes reflects high school too much when people fall back into the trend easily.


The worst thing about my school is it is very strict about the rules. Which can be a good or bad thing because the rules protect the students and keeps all the bad people out. The rules also limits things that people do everyday which can be bad. Everywhere a student goes they have to sign in or sign in a guest. This is the worst thing about my school.


Because the school is a catholic institution there are some rules and regulations that you won't find at public schools and you are required to take multiple theology courses.


To be completely honest, it was very expensive. There are several worthy educational institutions in the Pittsburgh area that offer fantastic educations. Most of them are about half the cost of Duquesne.


The worst thing is the food. There is not much variety. We'll have tacos one day and mexican wraps the next, which is basically the same thing.


Duquesne University does not do much to supply any sort of transportation around the city of Pittsburgh. Every other school in the city supplies its students with bus passes that are included in the cost of the tuition. Duquesne has what is called the "loop bus." It takes the students to a total of three places and is not big enough for the students on go out on friday and saturday night which are the only time it runs. This means the students have to pay everytime they get on the bus during the week/day which gets costly.


The thing that I consider worst at my school is the lack of passion the students feel about their chosen subjects. I say this because the majority of them only care about the "grade" not the subject. I find this both lazy and depressing.


parking - there isn't any


conservative, not enough diversity, stuck-up


The cost of education is overwhelming and the amount of financial aid does not meet my need.


The administration focuses on the outside appearance of the University while focusing much too little on student needs. The spent millions to make the library look pretty, but it has no books before the 90s. They power-washed one of the dorms ($100,000), but the elevators in the largest dorm never work, and students aren't allowed to take the stairs. Instead of buying more servers for the Internet to make it faster, they placed a spam filter on e-mail that filters out almost everything.


The expense...little/no help from government. Most family's here don't even have to take out loans which is frustrating


the living situation. The dorms aren't vey big, there are often cockroaches, and the eloevators are constantly broken.


The campus parking is bad. Therea are very few spaces to park, and is too much anyhow. Also, the fact that we can't use our flex money on different off campus restaurants like Pitt students can do. Lastly, the dorms are terrible need updated, and are cramming students and running out of on campus housing fast. The internet speed is not good if you need to download or stream cast anything for class due to the band length.


The worst thing about my school would be the parking!


Duquesne University is an extremely good school; however, the dorms and cafeterias could use some updating. The dorms are getting very outdated, and the food served in the cafeteria is definitely not the best. Also, faster internet and more computer labs on campus would be very convenient.


I would say that the food is the worst thing about Duquesne because it is good for awhlie but then it gets old. They have choices on where and what to eat but then you get sick of after you eat it so much.


The worst thing about Duquesne University is the administrators of the Residence Life Department; they are almost impossible to get a hold of and seem to rarely be in their office or on campus. If you have a concern or a problem, it takes over a month to even get a hold of someone who is willing to help you. If you have a problem, I would recommend going directly to the Resident Director of your dorm or your floor RA.