Duquesne University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Small Catholic school with many rich Catholic students


I think some people feel some kinda way about Duquesne because its a Catholic School, but you do not need to be a Catholic or even religious to come here. It is a normal school like any other non-Catholic school.


Duquesne Stereotypes: only a pharmacy, nursing, law school, music school, frat/sorority school Student Stereotypes: sports obsessed (Steelers, Penguins), frat/sorority obsessed, pharmacy students, stuck-up, high-heels wearing girls, students dressing up for class, conservative, more religious than students at non-affiliated schools (obviously), Christian--Catholic, white, suburban (a lot of pa students!), fairly apolitical, republican


Rich, stuck-up, obsessive about looks, filled with cliques


That many Duquesne girls can be...easy, for lack of a better word.


Everyone is Catholic, everyone is from Pittsburgh, everyone is rich.


Rich Catholic school kids


Most people are in a frat or sorority and they have previous tests and labs.


A common stereotype is that all Duquesne students are rich and "snobby." I have never really heard any bad things about the school itself (other than the high price being a private school and all) so I'm not sure if there are any stereotypes about the university.


Some people think that all Duquesne students are rich and that the girls are all blonde and ditzy.


Since it's so expensive, that all the students come from wealthy families.


That we are all stuck up, that all duquesne students have money, that there is nothing fun to do at duquesne, that everyone commutes.


good looking girls, students with wealthy families


That they are all rich and snoby.


Duquesne students are stuck-up, rich kids that have nothing better to do than blow their parents' money.


That students are rich and cocky. That we have a very attractive student populous. Our sports are really bad.


all students are rich and from the pittsburgh area. People say Duquesne is just out to get money.


Common stereotype is that Duquesne kids are rich, white kids. It looks like a jcrew ad walking around campus.