Duquesne University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Duq is a great school. I am a transfer and international student, so this makes me special all the time. I don't know what to do sometimes, but people here always help me out. Teachers and classmates are friendly and patient, mostly.


Duquesne is a nice little school in downtown Pittsburgh. The area surrounding Duquesne is pretty shady, so you shouldn't be walking around much.


I love Duquesne because it is a smaller University. I had a choice to go here or to Pitt Main and I chose Duq because of its size. I like that the classes arent as large as they would be a pitt and everything is closer together. You dont need a shuttle to get to your next class. One class I had only had 8 people in it! I also like it being smaller because it feels more like a community there. I am a commuter and Duquesne really takes care of their commuters. There is a lounge specifically made for commuters. It has a big screen tv and a lot of couches so you can hang out down there in between classes since you dont have a dorm to go to.


Overall: Being at Duquesne feels like a parent is watching your every move and that if you "step out of line" you won't be supported by the student body. Duquesne administration is too controlling. I feel seriously confined and I feel that my voice is stifled. Every little thing a student, school group, and school organization does must be "OK'd" by Duq staff and admin. Although there are some awesome women and gender studies classes available, I, as a feminist must say that it has been EXTREMELY difficult for me to deal with the anti-woman anti-gay vibe here. The school allowed fliers to be posted for anti-choice marches in D.C., but not fliers for pro-choice marches... Something really cool that happened recently should be mentioned I suppose. I live in the duq-owned apt. building on the opposite end of the campus. When the Pens won a game recently (during the Stanley Cup competition) fireworks went off. From my window I had a perfect view-I was up high and I felt like they were right in front of me. It was awesome. The music school has a very different feel than the other ones. There are more "chill" people who seem to have a different, more progressive mentality. When you walk in there are often ppl hanging out talking and playing guitar and other instruments. Until recently a professor's dog hung out there during the day!


The professors are by and large extremely helpful. I enjoyed the small class sizes, as well as the course content. It is extremely cliquey, and it lacks the social atmosphere of a larger school. People think it is ritzy and expensive, and they are correct. School spirit it minimal. I would say students mostly complain about housing and the price of parking. The dorms leave a lot to be desired.


Duquesne - Located in the city, but not! You have all of the great aspects of living within Pittsburgh, but yet have the comfort of an amazing campus. Attractions are close and easy to get to, whether it be the movies, shopping, dining, or bar hopping. It's not too big and not too small. It's the perfect mix for someone who does not want to be swallowed in a huge campus, but yet for someone who wants to escape the smaller numbers of high school. Major renovations are being done to make the campus even better. If I had to do it all over again, I'd pick Duquesne without hesitation!


Duquesne is the perfect size, I think. Everywhere I go I see someone I know, but I always meet new people and see new faces, too. Campus is beautiful and small, but there are lots of places to hang out and people around. Pittsburgh is a great college town, although being "right downtown" is really overrated. I wouldn't trade our actual campus for a better location, though; I love the campus and isolation, and yet that you can still see city buildings past the landscaped lawns and trees. People in Pittsburgh react positively when I tell them I go to Duquesne. People from home, around Philadelphia, usually don't know what I'm talking about, though.


Duquesne is a school of overpriveledged rich kids who are oblivious to the outside world and secluded from reality.


The school size is nice. You get to know your teachers and they get to know you. It is nice because it is in the city and there are a lot of things to do nearby. The administration sucks. The student accounts office is the worst. They always mess up your account and put holds on your account and they never manage to fix things. There is a lot of school pride mostly because of the frats and sororities.


For me, Duquesne is one of the most unique universities. It's medium range regarding size so there are so many activities to do all the time like any other big university, but the majority of classes are very small so you get all of the personal attention that you would want from a smaller school. Also, since it is based in liberal arts, everyone is required to take a certain amount of classes outside of their major. It may sound stupid at first since you don't "need" them for your future career, but some of my favorite classes have been the ones outside my major because they're so different than what I would normally be learning. Duquesne is also unique because it's in the city, but you would never know it walking around campus. It's very secluded from the bussle of city life and is filled with green spaces and beautiful fountains. It's truly an amazing campus to view at any point in the year. Its seclusion also makes it a very safe campus, which helps parents when they worrying about their children going to school in a city. On the other hand, you are only blocks away from anything you would want to go to in a city: shopping, plays, concerts, etc.


I love Duquesne and coming here was the best decision I have ever made. My favorite things at Duquesne are the small inner-city campus without the busy city feel. The campus is beautiful with tons of fountains, brick roads and grassy areas for laying out when its warm. I love Pittsburgh too and there are a ton of colleges here as well. University of Pittsburgh and CMU are both about 6 minutes away from Duquesne's campus. Duquesne is located downtown near everything you would need in walking distance. Pittsburgh is full of beautiful water and the Springs are amazing. I love Duquesne's size because it is big enough to meet a wide variety of people but small enough to see someone you know wherever you go on campus. It is also very easy to get to know people within your major because a lot of the programs keep low numbers purposely, like mine. Duquesne staff is friendly and knowledgeable about everything. There is a lot of school pride, but the sports pride isn't as big as it should be, but as the Basketball program is getting better the pride is getting better as well. My favorite thing at Duquesne is Greek Life. It is not stereotypical at all and is very community service-oriented. I have met hundreds of people through Greek Life and it is such a loving environment. Its very easy to get involved at Duquesne which is amazing because it makes you a well-rounded individual and helps you meet people easily. It is sometimes difficult to make friends at Duquesne in the beginning so make yourself as busy as possible. I would advise against Honors College housing as a Freshman, because it secluded me from other people and made it more difficult to meet people.


I love how it's in the city, yet not really. There are many places to go on weekends like the South Side Works for shopping and Station Square for a nice dinner; and yet it is out of the 'city atmosphere'. Also I love how the most I ever have to walk to a class is about 10 minutes. The campus buildings are all a nice short distance from eachother, no waking up hours before class just to walk there. I think greek life is really overrated. They act like they own the campus sometimes and like they are the only organization at Duquesne. I think other organizations should be recognized more, especially the ones who help others.


Duquesne is in a great location - right in downtown pittsburgh, but up on the "bluff" so the actual campus is similar to a "small town' campus. It is great because Duquesne is in walking distance to Station Square and Southside, so there are always places to go! For the most past classes are small sizes other than the few freshman/soph. year science core classes. Duquesne is a good size school. There are many different places to eat on campus, but unfortunately meal plans are waaay overpriced, and required for all people living in dorms. Duquesne's president is all about the athletics...which can be very irritating. This past year the marching band was cut because the athletic dept. wanted to create a "pep band mentality"...whatever that is supposed to be?!? I would say there really isn't a huge amount of school pride unless the basketball team is doing well...I was in the marching band and pep band for football and basketball games, and my freshman year the basketball team was not very good, and the stands were always very empty! Despite these few bad things, Duquesne is a nice school, it would just be better if we could get some different people in the high positions on campus!


I don't think many people think about Duquesne because of the other bigger schools around (Pitt) but it is a perfect size, not too big not too small and you have all of Pittsburgh at your hands. There is really no school pride especially when it comes to sports. Even though it is a DI school.


I love it here. You have the city, but yet a quiet beautiful campus to come back to. It is great to have other universities (Pitt, CMU, Carlow, Chatham) around, it gives you more to do. I think the size of the college is great. I came from a large high school and I had no problem adjusting to being here. I get a lot of good feedback and pride when I tell people that I attend Duquesne. It has a great reputation, and there will be someone who knows Duquesne everywhere you go.


Duquense University is a small campus that is bigger than any high school out there in populous , but is no where close to as big as a Pitt or a Penn State. The size is small enough to run into many people you know on the way to class, but big enough where you do not know everyone who goes to school there. Duquesne sits right next to downtown Pittsburgh. It is a five minute walk to the heart of downtown and a ten minute walk to southside, which is where most of the partying is found. Biggest controversy is parking. If you park you car on campus without a permit for more than 5 minutes you will get a ticket. It seems as though all Duquesne police do is ticket cars.


alot of students complain about parking. Duq. is an inner city school (although you would never know it because most of the campus is green). But parking is limited and the Duq. police don't hesitate to give out tickets. Duq. is a smaller cozy campus. It's nice to walk down the sidewalk and see so many people you know and recognize.


Duquesne has strong academic programs, but the grading curve is harsh in the sciences. It is a nice size -- some classes are large lectures, others are small. There's not a lot to do right near campus -- the bar and social scene is in Southside.


I loved that Duquesne was on the bluff overlooking the South Side. It's a BEAUTIFUL campus. Small, but nice. I liked that it was in the city even though Pittsburgh isn't much of a city. That's part of the reason I transferred. I liked that it was a small school. You know just about everyone in your major. The music school is great in that you learn SO much, but there were weeks at a time where my entire body ached of stress. That's another reason I left Duquesne. Of course in college you must work, but that's all I did for the most part. I practically felt guilty if I went out on a weekend night. Weekdays?! Forget about it. My friends didn't see me Monday-Thursday cause I worked literally every waking moment. One of the absolute best teachers I've ever had was Tom Kikta. If you can take a class from him, even if he doesn't teach your major, TAKE IT! He has the maximum knowledge about everything.