Duquesne University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Duquesne University?


A well versed driven person. You pay a lot to attend this university but it pays off in the end if you are willing to put the effort in. Professors here want to see all there students succeed.


If you are someone who doesn't like being around people who are more privilaged than you are. African-Americans and people of the middle to lower middle class probably shouldn't go here because some of the social things here cost money that most college students don't have unless mom and dad are constantly sending you hundreds of dollars a week. It sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable to have to decline to do things with friends because I don't have the money to participate.


Anyone that isn't interested in learning and being challenged shouldn't attend Duquesne University. It is a great place to learn.


Someone who is looking to slack off, break the rules, be reckless and antisocial should not attend Duquesne University.


Anyone looking to study visual art as a primary academic path. Duquesne has a prestigious music school and a diverse liberal arts program; the auditory and literary arts are well-covered. Visual art - painting, sculpting, et cetera - is vastly underrepresented. I cannot name one class from the catalog that focuses on the creation of visual art. Art history, yes; art production, no. However, artists who work their craft in their spare time as a hobby will find that there is more than one way to showcase their work on campus.


I would not recommend Duquesne for you if you don't intend to work hard, study, and enjoy doing so. The more effort you put into your education here, the more you'll get out of it, the more you'll get along with your professors, and the better you will get along with other like-minded students.


If one is not looking for city life and does not wish to try hard at school, then one should not attend this university.


A hard-working individual who has an idea on where they want to be in life and is willing to expand their minds and views to other ideas.


A person who doesn't like the Catholic faith.


I think all would fit in.