Duquesne University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is very expensive.


Freshmen have it the worst. The longer you've been at the school, the more opportunities for better housing. However, for incoming freshman St. Martins & St. Ann’s are extremely small and they often force three people to live in a room. These "forced" triple rooms, which, were the same size as a two person room. There exist poor communication between the Office of Admissions and the Office of Resident Life. Too many students are admitted each year and are often forced to live in unfit conditions.


There is honestly not that much that is frustrating about Duquesne University. They have the most helpful professors and staff that I have encountered through out all of the colleges I toured. The campus is clean and very well maintained. The school is overall very awesome and not a bad place to be by any means.


The most frustrating thing about Duquesne University is its requirement of liberal arts core classes. Many schools require students to take elective courses to gain experience outside of their fields of study, but Duquesne's requirements are more particular than most. For example, students must take philosophy, theology, english, history, and a creative arts--much like the demands of a high school. Furthermore, these core classes must be taken at Duquesne University. Therefore, if you planned to save money by taking some credits at a community college, they will not accept them.


The most frustrating thing about Duquesne is that they expect you to know how much you owe to them and they put a hold on your account for registering until you have under 2,000 left to pay for the semester. It's very inconvient when it comes time to register because most students do not know that they still owe money or how much they even owe.


American consumerist culture.


Internet. Oh, and the poor quality food.


The strict visiting policies and curfews. It's also kind of frustrating that not too much happens directly on campus. You always have to leave.


The parking on campus is some what of a frustrating issue. Since we are in the city parking is very limited and if you do wish to buy a pass it can get very expensive. It is a high commuter school so we have many people parking on campus everyday.


Dorm policies, food quality, and internet access would rank as the top three most frustrating aspects of Duquesne University. For the amount of money that tutition comes to, the quality of these three things in particular is subpar in the eyes of the vast majority of the student body.


They did not like the greek life it seemed very well. As a member of Greek life through both a sorority and a fraternity it seemed as if they saw us as a hazard to the school instead of a way students enagaged in charitable events throughout the academic year and as a means by which to meet not only others at Duquesne but other students in the area that were members of the same Greek organization. It was frustating to be at a constant struggle with the staff regarding activities on campus such as weekly meetings and charity events.


The basketball football team are bullshit but get the most credit. The soccer team is full of douchebags. Baseball doesn't get enough credit. It's too cold


In the program I am in, if you fail just one course in your four years here, you would have to stay an extra semester to complete your degree, since you are required to take a full 18 credits each semester, and they are all required to graduate. Professors are also very selective about who they let through the program; if you don't meet their standards, you won't get through.


The food services are closed at times when I want food.


The most frustrating thing about Duquesne is the parking situation. It is extremely expensive to get a parking pass. Also, there are not nearly enough parking spots, so even if you paid the extremely high price, you aren't always gaureenteed a spot. I also think it is frustrating that as a liberal arts student you have to take so many university, and liberal arts cores. There are some major classes that I would have prefered to take, however, I don't have enough room in my schedule to take them because I have to finish fulfilling my core classes.


The elevators in my residence building are terrible and the parking permits are way too expensive. Duquesne needs to give people more options on parking.


The frustrating thing about Duquesne is my major, music education. It is difficult and frustrating because it draws alot out of me. It is challenging, strenuous, and time-consuming.


The most frustrating thing about Duquesne University is how early on-campus dining closes. Most students have at least one evening class that does not get out until close to 9:00PM and almost all dining areas close or stop taking your designated meal plan by 7:00PM.