Duquesne University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Duquesne is it's well-rounded liberal arts education. I would not have been offered the opportunites I have if it had not been for those liberal arts classes and learning how to think outside of the box. My education there was truly invaluable


I love Duquesne because the small campus is located right in the heart of a big, fun city. Even though there is so much to do around the campus, the campus itself feels very small and comfortble. I also love the Catholic atmosphere and the tight-knit community centered around faith. The size is big enough that I do not know everybody but is small enough that I know many people from all kinds of groups. Also, the campus itself is beautiful.


It is a small campus, surrounded by the big city of Pittsburgh. You get the best of both worlds


I loved how diverse and welcoming Duquesne University is. All faculty and staff were readily available to help obtain all of your needs and goals. I never felt any negativity will being enrolled there. Everyone got along well and helped each other out through any obstacle.


Provides a small school environment while being a larger sized school. Also provides a city environment while also providing enough seclusion that you don't have to deal with the troubles of big city living.


The masters program because it allows you to participate in shadowing Occupational Therapists while you are in the program and requires multiple field works in different fields of occupational therapy.


Probably the professors. They are very friendly and willing to help you in whatever way you need.


Duquesne University is a small Catholic school, located on the outskirts of downtown Pittsburgh. The campus is beautiful and overlooks the city and surrounding areas. Because Duquesne is small, there is ample opportunity for the professors and faculty to know the students on a personal basis. Although this is a Catholic University, diversity is one of Duquesne's strongest characteristics. The diploma I carry is impressive to every prospective employer, because they know I earned a valuable education.


The Rollins School of Public Health at Emory is amazing. The professors have each contributed to the health of the world in profound ways. I've had lectures from the Czar of AIDS from the White House, the man who was the key player in eradicating small pox in Africa, and the man who wrote the policy to put folic acid in our every day foods. I have the opportunity to learn research techniques from the best in the field. I will have the opportunity to put my knowledge to use with one of these incredible people as my mentor.


The location and the people


The closeness of my specific class. We are all like one big family which allows for everyone to feel comfortable participating within the classroom setting as well as clinical. I love the atmosphere that Duquesne has even out of my specific major. It is friendly and upbeat which makes for the best college experience possible. I concider my school to be a close community of professionals striving for excellence while helping each other acheive their personal and career goals.


The best thing about Duquesne University is the sense of community that the faculty and students bring to the campus atmosphere. Orientation intills this sensation immediately, and it's never quite lost on the average student who goes through with 4+ years at this college. There are endless organizations and activites, banquets and special events going on at this university that are designed to get students engaged in palying an active and pro-active part of their university experience


The passing rates for the BAR and other qualifying exams, sub-ivy status


It is a small school in a big city. The teachers are nice. Ity is a Christian school.


It's so cutting edge and really is a quality education. VERY personable.


The best thing about Duquesne is that we can do extremely well academically while holding down jobs and social lives. We work hard and play harder. The location and the campus are also great things about Duquesne.


The professors. They are all highly educated and have experience in the courses that they teach. This makes them a better teacher and influence on the students.


The best thing about my school is the many opportunities it provides to study abroad.


The Saftey and the community


The people...without a doubt! I feel at home at college. Even the cafeteria ladies seem to really care about you. Also, even though Duquesne is surrounded by a city it is suburban on campus and gorgeous!


The dedication and passion the students, professors, and surrounding people have at this school. Everyone feels honoured to be a student at this school and it helps when your peers have the same interests and beliefs as you when you are at this life-changing point in your life.


Safe campus. plenty to do outside the campus. Friendly people, great learning environment.