D’Youville College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school, D'Youville College, had everything I was looking for in my dream college from having the best program for my major (dietetics), to having lots of community service options, to having free tutoring, but most of all, D'Youville had the friendly, caring, and helpful atmosphere I didn't feel at other colleges.


D'Youville College is an excellent school that allows you to thrive socially and academically while focusing on giving back to the community and doing well academically.


Very academically driven


My school has the best professors who care about their students.


D'Youville is an organized, welcoming, and active school that I knew was the right choice for me the minute I stepped onto campus.


At this school the teachers are excellent, the classes are small, it is demanding, and could use some upgrades.


It is easy to stay academically focused.


D'Youville College is a small academically oriented school where it prepares its students for their career in a professional field.


D'Youville College is a small, but friendly school, dedicated to educating their students to the best of their ability.


D'youville is a small community that is always there to support its students.


It's a small and challenging school.


Is a place where professors challenge you to think for yourself.


D"Youville College is a very prestigeous college that has a variety of students from multiple ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy all the campus events and the small campus itself because it is very easy to navigate. The teachers are very helpful and students never hesitate to help one another. The school itself is very personable and a good choice for any medical major.


Even though it is a small institution, it is great for making connections and making yourself known in your prospective profession.


D'Youville's motto of "educating for life" couldn't be more accurate-the faculty ensures you make the very best of your time learning; they are extremely helpful and supportive, and constantly push you to strive for the highest.


D'Youville is small college located in Buffalo, NY. The class sizes are small, alot of one on one attention. The staff is wonderful and are committed to your success.


My school is a place where I want to be because it lets me learn and understand new materials that I never knew.


my school academically is great, but very expensive


A fairly small , friendly environment in which to learn that allows a diverse population to come together and succeed.


d' youville college is a great place to learn with a staff focused on helping me reach my goals and computers and books to reseach and learn from.


Culturally diverse small college setting.


D'Youville is a great place for forming relationships with other students and faculty members in order to make your learning experience easier.


D'Youville is a small school and a good choice for students who want to enter a career in the health professions.


D'Youville College offers many opportunities for an affordable experience.


D'Youville is comfortable and academically focused.


A good academic school, with some diversity and a medium size college


D'Youville can be described by the following sentence: A small, urban school focused on students, academics, and student success with an additional emphasis on serving the community around. D'Youville was founded by St. Marguerite D'Youville whose spirit was to never refuse the call to serve. D'Youville keeps this motto close and includes it in their mission statement. D'Youville takes pride in small class sizes and classes being taught by Ph.D's, not teaching assistants. The college is based right in the city and provides students with a unique urban setting for living and learning.


D'Youville is a small and personalized learning environment that offers a demanding but high quality education as well as a helpful and supportive staff and many career placement opportunities upon graduation.


D'Youville is a wonderful college to aid you in achieving your goals and dreams.


Friendly, students, staff and faculty.


D'Youville College is a diverse community that offers small class sizes, so that every student is allowed the opportunity to reach their full potential by receiving one on one interactions with their professors. You really feel as if the professor truly want you to suceed not only within your studies but also by becoming a sucessful member of society. As mature student in the nursing program I really feel like D'Youville gave me the chance to reach my goal in becoming a nurse, which I plan on returning by caring for others.


D'Youville College is a friendly, small-sized school that has a great faculty and staff wiling to help you with you whether it be with finacial aid, academics, sports related questions or concerns and really welcomes those who visit the school for possible future enrollment.


Best school that I've ever seen


It is a great place to learn with great teachers, small class sizes, and new facilities to have the best learning experience in the greater buffalo area.


D'Youville has a friendly, fun family atmosphere


D'Youville College educates you for life.


D'Youville College is a small school but everyone knows everyone else and the teachers know you by name.


D'Youville is a reputable school with a greagt program for returning students. I've loved every minute of my coming back to school. I greatly appreciate their program because it is allowing me the opportunity to further my education all the while work full time during the day. They've been very supportive and encouraging. At my age, to come back it can be rather daunting but this program is geared towards people just like me! It's a great comfort to me to have this program available to me.


My campus is neat because it is located in a rather urban community but it is on the smaller side and easy to navigate.


Small close knit community where every teacher knows your name. Great atmosphere to learn in.


Very supportive and helpful.


D'Youville College is a small college in Buffalo, NY that has everything you need to succeed in education and life.


Very disorganized and unaccomidating, the departments do not communitcate with each other at all, leaving the students to fend for themselves when dealing with any problems or questions.


D'Youville College is a small private medical focused school where students take there majors very serious.


It is a very tough school where you learn a lot but some of the professors are far more difficult than they should be and the school costs a lot more than it is worth.


Good, friendly, and great.


We are a small school and a close community!


A small, busy, urban campus with very caring and commited staff and students.