D’Youville College Top Questions

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D'Youville College has a family atmosphere. The professors are friendly and are willing to give extra help to make sure the students learn the material.


The size of teh school, how friendly people are, and how willing to help the teachers really are.


Recognize the same faces when passing eachother in the hallways. People are always very friendly and say Hi around campus.


My school is unique because it has historical significance in the Western New York region. It was the first all women's college in the area, and has been around for over 100 years. It started with just a nursing program and has grown and evolved throughout the years to become one of the most diverse and excellent colleges in all of New York.


D'Youville College is a small private college which focuses on the students. The classes are generally small also, usually consisting of 15-30 students. The professors take a personal interest in helping their students succeed. This school was chosen due to the campus size, the faculty, and the high quality of education they provide.


This school can help students one on one with their great student to faculty ratio. All teachers get to know their students and are always available for them when in need for help. This school is very friendly and gets all the students involved in some sort of activity.


My school is pretty small. It fits on 2 blocks, and most of the buildings are connected so you really never have to go outside. I don't have to worry about not having enough time between classes because everything is so compact. D'Youville also has Student Appreciation Week, when each department does something for the students like cooking lunch or having snacks or raffles. But most unique is the part time dorming option where local students can pay by the night for a taste of dorming but at a reduced cost. I love this option.


D'Youville College has small, inclusive classes that allow professors to focus on each student individually. This gives the student more opportunities to learn and understand the material presented in class and the professor is then able to better assess each student's needs.


The most unique aspect about my school is the fact that it is one of the smaller colleges to choose from in Buffalo. The fact that you can go to that school every day knowing that you will get the attention you deserve really makes a difference in everybody's academic career. The professor's are always there to help you with any questions you have and they are always willing to give you their extra time and attention to help you with what you need.


I attended a big University prior to D'Youville college and did not get the attention and learning opportunity that I would have liked. D'Youville offers small class sizes where every teacher knows who you are and are there to assist at any time. the one on one attention has significantly improved my grades.


It's size it's small but cozy. This school is more of a family then its students be just a number.


I am originally a transfer student from the University at Buffalo, and I left there because the classes were so large and very unpersonal. I chose to transfer to D'Youville because it is a smaller, private school so I knew I would be treated as a person and not just a number. The classes here are small and the professors are wonderful. They know you by name and are always available for help. I also like the close proximity of the campus. Even though the campus takes up about 2 city blocks, most of the buildings are connected.


The various programs that it offers and the professionals that they have teaching.


This school offers a combined masters/internship program that other schools do not offer for the field of dietetics.


What is unique about D?youville college is the small classes. The size of these classes range anywhere from 5-25 students depending on the class, which allows for a more personal relationship between the students and the professors.