D’Youville College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The way the staffs treat the students will be my number one worst thing in regards to the school because when you first apply everybody in the financial aid and admission office are very friendly and they even write your name on the board when you schedule a visit with admission. But later in your program or even the following semester they don't care about you anymore especially when you have to deal with financial aid for the new semester and they don't show much effort or friendliness as the beginning before you first enter the school.


The location is the worst thing for me, because I live in a small, agriculturally based town, the city and west side have been a hard adjustment.




The worst thing about DYC is id have to say the ability to stay in the dorms. The school almost makes it impossible to make accomadations for those who do not live in the area to stay in the dorms when needed. They say its like our home away from home but what good is a home if you can be kicked out for vacations and school closings and you dont have any other place to stay?


The worst thing I consider about the school is how many "extra classes" you have to take. I believe that they should focus on the carrer choice you choose and give you more experience and knowledge about the area you are studying rather then being an overall well rounded student.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. The only way you get a good parking spot is if you arrive early in the morning or late at night. The parking is always packed in the lots and on the streets.


the school lunches


The lack of parking.


The worst thing about D'Youville College are the number of people who don't take their educational seriously enough. The college is full of great opportunities for involvement, but not many participate. Although there is always a high morale, I would like to see more of my classmates focus on their future, as the economy is dwindling and graduate program entrance becomes more demanding.


The worst thing about D'Youville is at times it is difficult to get into classes that are necessary for your major. Like most colleges, registration is based on the amount of credit hours you obtained. There are many seniors at D'Youville who may have failed pathophysiology and are taking it the same semester as an under classman has to take it. This upper classman may take your seat and as a result you will have to wait till next year to complete the course, or constantly check the live course feed hoping a seat has opened up.


I would consider it too small. There aren't very many resources available to students on campus, for instance study abroad. The library is small and not very accommodating for the amount of students, especially considering how challenging many of the classes are. There are only two residence halls and two eating areas, and parking can often be an issue.


This school is highly commuter students based, which makes meeting people, and staying friends with people hard, because unless you have classes with people, there is no guarentee that you will continue seeing people in later semesters. My closest friends are dormers, but I do have commuter friends, but they aren't as close because they tend to come and go with the semesters. But I'm sure if you put in the effort, you can become friends and stay friends with whoever you wish to.


Considering I have only completed one semester at DYC as of now, I don't have much to complain about. Only one thing annoyed me the most, which was how the scheduling process was done. Freshman are the last to register for classes, and class sizes are small, therefore classes fill up quickly. DYC does not anticapate how many people will be taking each class and does not make enough open, then decides weather or to open more classes after the fact. Needless to say, people stress about their schedule for about three weeks till they are finally set.


The thing that I consider to be the worst about my school is the parking situation. The parking lot size is limited and if you don't arrive early it can take you a while to find a spot. It is possible to find off campus parking but for half of the year the weather is very uncooperative.


The tuition! The school is absolutely wonderful, but you do get what you pay for!


The worst thing about D'Youville /college, in my opinion would have to be the Financial Aid offices. Even after four years of constantly recieving the same aid package they still find some way to manage to rip me off a couple hundred dollars. I'm not one of those people whose parents just throws me money when I bat my eyelashes, so the tardiness and inconsistency of D'Youville's financial aid has often caused me alot of stress and has put me in several stressful situations, due to my lack of money.


The worst thing about my school is definitly the dorms that they have for freshmen and sophomores. They are really small and very old. It has been a long time since they have been rebuilt and are in extreme need of a fixing. Almost everday the elevators break and so it is a bit difficult when attepting to get to the 12th floor. Also, there have been several instances where the fire alarm has gone off at 3 am or 5am when a lot of people have class that day at 8 am. Very Inconvenient!


Because the school is mostly students that major in a health profession, there is not much to eat on campus. Most of the things offered are healthy snacks only. It is nice that the school cares about our health but it is hard to find something to eat other than a salad, which is already pre-made with things that I do not like. Because I am a picky eater I usually have to pack a lunch if I am at school for a full day because the options are very limited when it comes to eating at school.


The worst thing about D'Youville College is the location. The location of the college is in a very poor and high crime area.


The worst thing about my school personally is the location. I love Buffalo and have lived here my whole life. However, living downtown in the city area is not the first location I would have chose for my college education. Thankfully it has not been an obstacle in reaching any goals I have at my school to reach my education goals for the future.


The worst thing about D’Youville College is definitely the social life. D’Youville College is so small and not racially diverse like in Suny at Buffalo. The location of the school is also not that great, it is situated in a not so safe part of Buffalo. The only thing I do for fun is go online or talk to my roommates, and watch movies together at home. It is much colder in my neighborhood, the apartments around D’Youville College are all old. We do not get proper heat during the cold winters.


The worst aspect would have to be the expensive tuition; however, I feel it is totally worth every penny!


The work load is really heavy based on the classes you take.


The worst thing about the school is the process you have to go through with financial aid so that you have enough money to pay your bill.


There are not alot of evening classes offered for my major. I am a single mom with a young child who is not in school and evening classes would be helpful.


The school is very small and students tend not to think out side of the box. It is hard for someone who cares about the enviroment to relate to the school.


Not enough aid for out os state students and enough funds for work study. Also room and board is intirely too much.


it's small and not in the best part of town. not a lot of things in walking distance