D’Youville College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People that are interested in attending this school should be highly motivated to obtain academic success. They should also be somewhat outgoing; because of the large commuting population, it can be hard to make friends unless you put youself out there.


A student that attends D'Youville College needs to be acedemically focused and prepared to put in effort to achieve academic success. There are lots of other students that are willing to work with them and help them achieve these goals.


It is my truest conviction that anyone can attend this school. From rich to poor, left to right, any background, any religion, or any circumstances. This is the best school in my opinion, I love this school and am so happy to be here. There are countless services for students to excel regardless of their situation. D'youville truly desires for all their students to be successful regardless of who they are, all students are top priorty.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a hard-worker that is very motivated and will not give up easily when challenged. Also the person should want smaller class sizes and a more personal professor and student relationship. A large campus with lots of parties is not the atmosphere at D'Youville but that does not mean that it is all work and no play. There are plenty of opportunities and events for students and faculties, especially to learn and volunteer in the community.


Only individuals who are serious about academics should attend this college. This is a very expensive private school and the coursework of this college is not easy by any means. If an individual is paying a substantial amount to attend this college, they should plan on buckling down during their college career in order to graduate and be able to pay back their loans.


I believe that a hard working student that is dedicated to their studies should attend D'Youville College. This is my third semester and I have worked really hard to maintain my overall gpa. D'Youville College is not a party school. It is a college that helps you be the best in life.


Hard working, patient (elevators are slow!), kind, willing to help others


anyone who wants a small comited place to help them achive their goals this is the school for you.


DYC is not for everyone. I think if you are planning to attend there, you need to be one hard working and motivated individuale. While they are very concerned about the well-being of their students, there is no room for slacking off. Take it from someone who is in the nursing program; if you do not take your education seriously, you will be left in the dust. There are rigorous requirements and standards to abide by, and if you do not follow these you can be dismissed from the program you are in.


D'youville has an environment that is welcoming to both high school students transitioning into college as well as adult learners who have yet to obtain their degrees


Someone who has clear goals and is dedicated to achieving them. If you know what you what, they will show you how to get there!


The type of person that is best suited for D'Youville College is someone who knows their career path and in dedicated to do the work necessary. The school is expensive and offers scholarship info regularly. The school also offers tutoring for students that need it. This school is best for hard working students.


A person who is dedicated to doing well in their courses and is goal-oriented.


The kind of person that should attend this school is that person who is focued and ready to achieve and succeed with their career choice. D'Youville is an institution where academics is the main priority and they put high value on education.


Someone who wants a quality education, that will allow them to make a difference in their future profession.


You should attend this school if you know you want a job in the health professions and are serious about being a student. Some colleges are just like high schools in the way that many of the students are undecided or go for a general education. This is not always good for serious acedemics. D'Youville is a school filled with mostly people going into physical or occupational therapy, nursing, med school, or pharmacy. We are on track to rapidly become professionals in similar fields and this enhances the learning and competition you find here.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is driven and motivated. Students should come to school expecting to work because the facility are passionate about their fields and they push their students to want to excel.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that wants a small city setting. It wouldbe a good school to go to if you want to know your teachers, and want instuction, not just notes.


A person should attend this school if they want a quality education, with small class size and attentive staff that will go the extra mile to help you succeed in your path to a college education.


A person who i s determined to learn should be attending DYouville. Attendiing the school is very rewarding. There has never been a time when i was directed to the wrong person or had a question answered.


Someone interested in a career in health care who is younger and has no experience. Someone who is from the area.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that likes an intimate school setting. People who like everyone to know there name, and would like to see the same people everyday would fit perfectly in this school because of the size.


D'Youville College would be best for people who are trying to get into a medical program. its a small campus so if you like a big city atmosphere then this isnt the right choice for you. It was intimate class settings with a mor personalized learning experience than larger institutions could offer. So if you like small campuses, personalized learning with attention from the teacher and want to get into the medical field then D'Youville College would be great for you.


Highly motivated, someone who likes to recoginize a majority of people on campus


Well, I completed my bachelors degress in business through the Advance Program there. It is a great program for working adults because the whole program is tailored to that group. You can take one class at a time in the evening, and squeeze in enough during a semester to be considered full-time. I highly recommend the Advance Program!


Goal-oriented and hard working.


The type of person this school is perfect for is the kind of person who likes small classes, and a small college, where you know or reconize most of the people you see around campus. In addition the classes are perfect for people who like to actually know their proffesors and have their proffesors know them. It is also a great school for someone who knows exactly what they want to do and are very focused. D'Youville allows you to efficiently follow the path you need to graduate in the least amount of time possible.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who doesn't want to party all the time, not into classes bigger than 25 students and the type of person who wants their professor to know them by name.