D’Youville College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to blend in with the crowd, who does not like small classes and individulized attention.


Student looking for a party school or an easy ride. The classes are challenging and you must be engaged in them to do well.


someone who is not driven to succeed...they don't mess around here when it comes to academics


people who are not willing to work hard


If you aren't willing to put in the effort and time on your own part and feel that just by attending class you can pass, you won't. Classes will require some time outside of class as well as critical thinking within class.


Someone looking for the "big-time" college experience would not be well suited at D'Youville College. D'Youville takes pride in its small size and strong focus on academics. There are enough campus activities to remain active and involved, but it is not a place where several things are going on all the time. Weekends tend to be very low-key with few planned activities. D'Youville has a very large commuter population which tends to decrease on-campus involvement and attendance at many school functions. Someone looking for an active campus full of social opportunities should look elsewhere.


A person who sets their goals to succeed and willing to further their edcucation.


As far as I am concerned the person who has financial struggle and limited income shouldn’t attend Dyouville college. When I first came to this college I was told that I would have many opportunity in getting different scholar ship but I found out that I have to pay for everything out of my packet to survive in this college, so I had to take several private loan for my school. Money is the key in this college.


A person who desires a big campus life, with a lot of people around them at all times should not attend this school. D'youville is a very small, Catholic school and it can be hard to meet people if you do not live on campus.


The kind of person that shouldn't go to this school are those that are not serious about their education. D'Youville is known for it's medical programs so classes here aren't easy. Only a truely focused and driven individual should attend college here. Also students who plan on partying all the time and skipping classes shouldn't attend. Attendance is strongly required in almost all the courses offered here, so absences do affect your grade. And even though there are parties on campus, it's important to stay focused on your studies.


Someone who can afford the tuition, and someone interested in providing more of thier personal time into doing work the school should be doing for you.