D’Youville College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The the most frustrating part about my school, is that people don't like to get involve in the college community. the other thing that bothers me about this school also, is that people don't respect or are not aware of other people's culutre. they don't take the time to get to know people from other part of the world than them.


Im sure yet this is my first semester attending


The most frustrating thing about D'Youville is the lack of things to do on campus.


The most frustrating thing about DYC is often people will say that they are there for you and willing to help, but when you find yourself actually needing help there not there. Then the second things are better or going someplace good then it will jump in and try to help which makes things worse.


SUCH a small campus with almost no food or recreation options around at all. Very few social 'college experience' opportunitites and extremely limited activities through the school. Not even bus passes.


Parking! I buy a 70 dollar parking pass every year and still have a very difficult time finding a parking spot. I do not like to park on the streets because D'Youville is in the city which means there are many rules to when you can and can't park on certain streets. It's a pain because many times the roads aren't marked with signs and I have gotten a few tickets because of it.


Other than the issue that students can have with parking, there hasn't really been anything that has really frustrated me. However, I am a little frustrated that on top of how expensive the tuition is, which I don't mind since I believe I am getting an excellent education here, I am being charged over $100 for Kaplan testing services which is required in order to help students prepare for the nursing licensure exam. This is required for the next five semesters.


The area around the campus can be frustrating at times because it is not that nice of a neighborhood but it has gotten a lot better over the years. I wish this campus was more isolated and not a city campus.


The area of the city it is located in


It is a very small school and not a lot of diversity. There aren't many fun activities that go on throughout the campus.


While there is hardly anything to complain about at D'Youville college, there is some difficulty with parking-but what school doesn't have that issue? Even at the peak parking hours, finding a spot can be done, you might just have to walk a little farther.


I don't really think that there is anything frustrated about my school. Whenever I need help there is always a person that I could go to get help when I needed it.


the most frustrating thins regarding my school is, one: the school is a private college and the cost of tuition is very expensive that students like my self have to take out private loans to pay for tution and are in serious dept and do not have alot of money to live off.


The size of the school limits the number of sports.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that with important information that i should know about is not automatically brought to my attention, but the college will send me e-mails about yoga and other programs that re going on in the college with no problem. I think my financial information should be sent to me firts before that.


The most fustrating thing would probably be the lack of teaching experience in some 100 level instructors. With expensive tuition , I would expect all instructors to be qualified and professional.


It takes a while for the staff to become motivated and helpful .


The only thing that eally frustrates me is my financial situation in terms of tuition and books. I think some of the material required for certain courses are overly priced.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the way in which you have to register for classes for each semester. It is a complete chaotic free for all! Every student meets with their advisor and are given a pin number so that they have access to the online registration for the day that their class can participate. Well, if you are a freshman you might as well not plan on getting any of the classes you want because they are all filled up by upperclassmen quickly. Registration begins at midnight of your assigned day.


The financial aid process as with most other schools is difficult to deal with and often causes many issues.


The most frustrating thing about D'Youville College is the class selection is limited at times. When choosing your schedule, it is hard to get all the classes one wants or needs for their major.


In my Anatomy & Phyisology class I had a very difficult teacher while some students had a much easier teacher. I don't mean to sound whiny but I studied approximately 15-20 hours for each test and the tests were still extremely difficult while the other teacher's tests were much less difficult. I know this because most students received an A in that class and the average in mine was a C. I don't feel that it should be allowed for there to be such a different level of difficulty between two teachers teaching the same exact class.


The cost is very expensive. I pay over $20,000 a year for tuition and then have tp pay $400-$700 per semester for books; books that are for core requirements or pre-requisites. I'm sure I will pay twice as much for my medical books. There is also a $60 fee annually for parking . Unfortunately, the parking lots are 2-3 blocks away and it is terrible walking in the winter and snow.


Parking. D'Youville recently added another buidling, thereby taking over a large parking lot. This has made it much more difficult to get parking on campus.


The social dynamics of campus are not that all exciting unless you enjoy hanging out with small groups of people.


Nothing realy, just wish the Buffalo city transportation system was a little better.


The professors not having enough office hours to accomodate my work schedule. I go straight from school to work everyday and my days are packed....I have almost no time to myself unless its after midnight.


The humanity courses seem to be slim, which can impede a student from obtaining their degree on time. For example, humanities are core courses that include literature, fine arts, foreign language, philosphy, and religion. A student is required to enroll in 3 out of the 5 areas, and sometimes they may interfere with more important classes. Furthermore, why a fine arts class comes before a math or history class is beyond me! It really restricts me from taking courses when I would like, thus keeping me from obtaining my degree at a convenient time.


Some of the professor's do not seem to care about the students and are only there for the money.


The only thing that frustrates me the most is the way that we the student get blown off by financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about D'Youville is the parking. It did not use to be a problem, but this year they knocked out the largest parking lot to build another building. Although they claim to have put enough parking spaces back into the lots, I know that there is not enough for all the commuters. Buying an expensive parking pass and then not having a spot ANYWHERE is very frustrating.


The parking!