Earlham College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Quakers, biology, Japanese studies.


being extremely liberal; good educational experience


Academically speaking Earlham is best known for it's Japanese Studies and Biology departments. Other departments such as International Studies and Peace and Global Studies have also drawn students to the college. Other attractive features are the small size of the school, the more personal interaction with teachers (this includes calling all professors by their first name). The Quaker affiliation has also drawn students not only looking for a religious venue but also who are interested in acceptance that Quakers believe.


It is best known for the Biology and Chemisry department as well as it studern run equestrian center.


The activism of our students. Most students are involved in social/political/environmental change in some way. Earlham students have been know to picket and lobby both in the local town of Richmond and take trips over breaks (a recurring one is to protest the School of the Americas in Georgia over part of Thanksgiving break). Also, campus movements are quite common, such as petitions and signs to raise awareness about getting cage-free eggs in the cafeteria, or getting Coca-Cola kicked off campus.