East Carolina University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


East Carolina University is a school of diversity, with many different people doing many different things at all times united on a beautiful campus.


East Carolina Univesity is where you find diversity and several routes to get to you're intended career destination.


East Carolina University is many things, but one undeniable fact is that we are teeming with school pride 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The epitome of southern hospitality with a great football team!


A hub for learning and a place for students to grow in a different environment.


ECU provides excellent academic opportunities to push you further into your interests and guide you to the future you've always dreamed of.


Loyal and bold to the purple and gold, ECU students love the school because of sports, the atmosphere, and the level of higher education.


East CArolina is a school where learning is important but so is school pride and having a good time, PURPLE! GOLD!


ECU is the most awesome, spirit filled university on the East coast.


East Carolina University is the perfect school for my major, and is giving all the essential tools necessary to succeed in my field.


East Carolina University is a place for everyone, the diversity and school spirit is amazing.


East Carolina University is a school full of students eager to learn, have a great time, and be successful.


East Carolina Univeristy is a culturally diverse, academically engaging and success driven institution of higher learning, always striving to meet the needs of each and every student.


Simply beautiful and busy. The landscape of our campus is gorgeous, from the many trees to the flower bushes. Also, students are constantly traveling to and from campus and in between classes, many organizations campaign and hand out flyers, a lot goes on.


Picture walking down the yellow brick road. Now wash away the yellow, and you've got the basics. Buildings are brick, some of the sidewalks are brick, and it has a classic feel. Trees are everywhere, so there is an element of nature as well, so the campus just feels like you're caught inside a movie set of a romantic comedy. Seriously. It's basically gorgeous here.


My school is not given as much credit as it should. It is widely known as a "party" school, however partying is the way these students let loose after constant arduous studying. Many students are involved in Greek life, sports, and honor societies that require a gpa that requires contstant attention and excellent grades; also many are studying in a health profession curriculum in which requires students to push their limits with thier sanity for the curiculum contains classes that require numerous hours of studying. Many graduates from this school have become successful with their careers and thier lives.


East Carolina University is home of the Pirates, a welcoming place for students and their families, a huge purple and gold student section, and a warm and friendly environment!


ECU is a very good school to attend if pursuing a nursing degree.


East Carolina is a committed Universtity to making a difference to helping one achieve their his or hers goals.


My school is very diverse, with amazing academics and teaching.


My school is a prestigious, well rounded, welcoming, and hard working school.


East Carolina has a lot of social activities but also focuses on the importance of education. It is a very laid back, friendly environment . The students have pride in their school, and you can see this especially displayed at athletic events. There is a nice balance of fun and work at ECU.


The most amazing time of my my life


ECU is not only the party school that everyone makes it out to be, it is full of educational opportunities, campus activities and community bonding; not only that but ECU has so much to offer for any type of student, that no one should over look this college.


ECU is a great university to attend for those who balance social aspects of life with academics and are ready to better themselves.


East Carolina is a friendly, resource-enriched school that wants their students to succeed.


East Carolina University is a very diverse campus, full of people from all walks of life coming to achieve the same purpose.


East Carolina University is a well rounded school and all of my previous and current teachers are willing to help me learn and achive good grades.


My school provides a variety of majors and minors for everyone to get their degrees in and a good educational system.


East Carolina University is a school composed of numerous, diverse programs that allow students to find an area where they can excel with the help of caring support personnel and outstanding, knowledgeable faculty.


My school is minimally entertaining.


East Carolina offers a quality education at a very reasonable price, and there is no other university I would rather attend.


I am happy, sweet, smart, independent, easy going, down to earth, and want to succeed in life.


East Carolina University is a diverse college in a small city that offers strong academics with a wide variety of majors and a nightlife that can't be beat.


East Carolina University is well knowned for its green scenery and small classrooms where everybody can learn at a steady pase.


this college is fun, spirited, friendly, and a great school to go to for nursing, elem education, biology, music, or business.


East Carolina University is very diverse, wonderfully assessible, and allows great opportunity for many different majors and careers.


East Carolina is a large school with the feeling of a smaller school, everyone is very close and school spirit is everywhere.


ECU has given me the opportunity to continue my education at an affordable price. They are offering me a chance in a lifetime to earn my degree and they have a wonderful distant education program that is very helpful to students such as myself who work 8-5, are full time parents, and are able to take full time classes. I'm just excited about earning my degree at ECU.


East Carolina University is perfect for any prospective nurse or teacher looking to stay in a small town with access to the beach and a typical college nightlife.


East Carolina is very school spirited and fun!


East Carolina University is awesome!


East Carolina is a large university with a small town atmoshpere that is focused on students: their learning, life, and future.


The best school ever!


East Carolina University has shaped my life. It is the right academic rigor for me and I am very involved with the community and spirit of ECU. It is the perfect fit -- I am very happy here. I am learning to think outside of the box -- how to participate -- how to communicate -- and how to shape my life for the future. I am today, and always will be an ECU Pirate.


very fun


ECU has great programs if you work hard to stay involved in them, but there isn't much push for acedemics or soberity around here.


purple and gold!


East Carolina University is home of the pirates, an assortment of ethnicities both student and faculty, enjoyable classes, and a place that I call home with everything I need.