East Carolina University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are from all around world. (Happy)


We are awesome!!! There is never a dull moment. We that live off campus visit each other often and deliberate on what new events are coming up, or how classes are or home, You get to interact with basically everyone and there are so many things to do!


My classmates are driven to succeed in their field of study while also managing their time effectively to enjoy themselves and the college experience.


My classmates that attend East Carolina University are a group of diverse, driven, and talented group of people.


My classmates were very helpful and encouraging especially in my major classes. I enjoyed group projects with them.


My classmates are all beneficial to my success here and we all share the same classes as our major which helps us build relationships.


Characters, each and every one of them.


In many of my engineering classes I find that my classmates are entertaining, resourceful, and intelligent.


Every Pirate is friendly, different, happy, dedicated, and talented.


My classmates are like family members.


My classmates are people from all walks of life. They come from different backgrounds, different levels of education and different areas of the US as well as overseas. As well as learning in class my classmates teach about themselves and where they came from and their experiences such as education, religion and culture.


The students at my school are not as diverse as I would have hoped. Though this is a predominantly Caucasian university, there are other ethnic groups visible. Our school encourages a strong diverse population of people of different ages, sexes, religions, sexual orientations, etc. The only person who would feel out of place at school is one that is very introverted or maybe some of the non-traditional students, in my opinion. There is something to do for almost everyone at this school. Typically, the outfits that students wear range from shirt and ties, causal business attire to sweatpants, sweatshirts, jeans, and pajamas. Work out shorts are also popular along with leggings, yoga pants and UGGS. Different types of students do interact, but a majority of them students stay with what they are familiar with. I would say most students are from North Carolina, or are dependents of the military and reside on North Carolina. Financially, it is difficult to determine what background is most prevalent, however, most of the students complain about how much they have to pay for college and tuition increases. This gives one the illusion that the people that attend ECU are not rich.


Most of the school population is made up of students who are from the South, but East Carolina is becoming more popular and known up North. I am always amazed at the people I run into at home (Pennsylvania) when I am wearing something that has East Carolina on it and someone will say I went there or my child went there and it was a great school. I feel that since most people are from the South who come here, the students are very friendly amongst each other. I know that when I am walking to classes and pass someone they will say hi or good morning, which would not happen where I am from. Since it is college and no longer high school, no one really cares what each other is wearing because there are so many different people here that you just come to accept what others are wearing. We also have many Exchange Students who come and study here which is cool because you get to learn more things about other places and get to meet all these people that you may not have been able to if they did not come here.


The students at East Carolina are basically like any other student at any other University.


I can tell that many of my classmates that range from my age up to ages much older than me are driven to succeed. Very rarely do I see slackers and it is pleasing to be around people that are like me in a sense that they contsantly strive for achievments and to be above-average. I can tell that they know thier potential (as do I about myself) to achieve big things in life.


Many of my classmates are very driven individuals. As an art major I constantly am challenged by the work reated around me and I often find the competition as a source of inspiration. They play as hard as they work and the enviroment i am enconcelled in helps me to be a better student and person.


People are definitely laid back and friendly and are willing to talk to you. The only students that may feel slightly out of place are those who trend more to Gothic styles. You don't see too many people wearing gothic clothes or makeup, so you might get some strange looks because of it. However, we do have several clubs that pertain to that, so if they joined those or found people in them, you might not feel so left out. A good way to meet people here is in class. Talk to people! Just cause your only in the class to get the grade doesn't mean you cant meet people. And maintain contact, get lunch or coffee or go workout. We have several places to do this on campus, and everyone needs to eat and stay awake (working out is optional for some folks)! Wright place is definitely a great place for this also because its all open and has many places to sit and chat.


The student population is diverse. The nationalities, cultures, personalities are all present. Any student who attends ECU will be able to make friends. Between the club sports, student organizations, and cultural centers, there is a niche for every student. Do you like video games? ECU has a student organization that meets for gamers. Do you like Anime? There's a group that gets together to watch new and old Anime shows and movies. Do you like Sports like Fencing, Basketball, Softball, etc? Or maybe you Scuba Dive? Play Scrabble all the time, or Chess? Well, ECU has groups that are interested in the same things as you. If anything, I have to say that ECU students are diverse and generally extremely accepting.


Students here seem to be very nice, there's is a place for everyone on campus so no one feels left out, there is also a good number of international students that help give the school a different perspective. For the most part there's a little bit of everything here


Students are very accepting at ECU. LGBT is a part of campus, and people are accepting of it. Most people are down-to-earth and wear casual clothes, ranging from sweats to jeans with heels. In both cases, though, it's casual to the individual. Students generally seem to be from a middle class background and are not pretentious.


They run the gamut from having a lot to say but nothing worth hearing to nothing to say at all, and yet I feel like I can be myself arround all of them.


For each semester I've noticed that the students in each classroom have a strong desire to learn and perform what they've learned through classroom discussions and projects.


My classmates at ECU represent a wide range of cultures, ethnicity, and social statuses.


Classmates are focussed and hard workers.


My classmates are helpful and friendly.


My classmates come from all parts of the world and walks of life.


Most of my classmates are very out going, friendly and kind. They are willing to help each other.


Ecentric, well-educated and friends for life.


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Every class that i have had so far consists of friendly and diligent students who are interested in helping one-another and are focused on their grades and goals.


My classmates come from a variety of backgrounds across the country, but all are striving toward the same goals, obtaining knowledge and receiving a quality education that will help them to achieve there lifelong aspirations, providing a sense of spirited unity.


Most of my classmates are hard-working and dedicated students, but there are some who are lazy and do not care about their academic success or failure.


My classmates here at East Carolina University are very outgoing and willing to help anyone at all times, they lend a helping hand when you don't understand certain material and are willing to meet outside of class with you if you need extra help.




High-spirited and fun-loving people, my classmates were good to know at the time, but left no deep impact on my life.


My classmates are fun and interesting to be around.


My classmates are very friendly, helpful and focused people.


to themselves because the classrooms are very large


they were friendly and outgoing


My classmates are diverse in many ways, including race, ethnicity, personalities, genders, cultures, and from different parts of not only the United States, but of the world.


My classmates are fellow ECU Pirates who are proud to be a part of this school.


My classmates are generally very outgoing, friendly, and helpful.


Describing my classmates at ECU in one sentence would be like describing every species of the animal kingdom in one sentence; think diversity.


Brillantly diverse, always with humor and great people all around.