East Carolina University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


ECU's reputation says that we are known for our party atmosphere, but ask any ECU student, and you'll know that we take pride in being known for our sense of community, our strong business, education, and nursing programs, and our amazing football team.


It is know for some of the brightest students in North carolina. It is also know for a safe and loving environment.


Pirates sports; nursing program.


The school is best known for parties, but they are not as great as they seem. Find a few close friends and don't get lost in the crowd. If you ask any professor after class they will want to help you and will only be delighted to see you are passionate about your course work. Find a group, a club, or an activity (not partying) where you can make friends and also fulfill leadership roles and/or make a strong community impact. Do not go for the meal plan, you will lose money no matter which option you choose.


It's parties


My favorite campus traditions are the football game and tailgates and the polar bear plunge. On game days, everyone comes together and has an awesome time at the tailgates and throughout the game. The polar bear plunge is a lot of fun at well! In January, the student recreation center opens the outside pool and tons of students come to jump in the pool!


My school is probably best known for its football, business, and nursing schools. Its art school is often reported as the best in the state, but most of the country knows us for our football successes and failures.


East Carolina University is known for its ferocious school spirit. Greenville is drenched in purple and gold even when summer school is in session. People shout school slogans when walking to class and tend to get a big response. A lot of people here love tailgating and football season. Students wear Pirates apparel regularly and seem proud of where they are getting their education.


ECU is popular for its academics, varsity sports, and its campus life.


Unfortunately, it is known as a party school.


My school is probably best known for there football team and the great teachers they have to offer. Our football team this year is going to the Military Bowl and our teachers are known for there great capibility of teaching us what we need to know to suceed in the future in our career we choose to partake in.


Art Program and THE PIRATES! ARGHHH!




This school is known for its academics but also the high regard it holds for football. Football is something that brings the campus as well as community together as a whole and it is celebrated throughout the city. Academics can be demanding but not if you are willing to do the work and put your best foot forward.


Lots of people know ECU as a major "party school" but that is not necessarily true. East Carolina focuses on the importance of education, along with social and comminuty activities. It is known for it's student dedication and involvement.


East Carolina University is a wonderful school full of school spirit! We are known for welcoming freshman to campus with a "Weeks of Welcome" program, Pirate Palooza (a back-to-school event), and our celebration of Halloween. I started at ECU as a freshman living in the dorms on the West end of campus. Everyone was so nice, including the janitors, service workers, cafeteria staff, etc. Everyone was very welcoming and the campus exudes a sense of southern hospitality unlike any other I'd ever experienced. Everyone tailgates at our football games and cheers whether we win or lose.


Nursing and teaching programs, and our football games!


Great sports programs, Nursing School, Teaching School, and Business School


East Carolina has a reputation as a party school.


When I went there I kept hearing us reffered to as a party school... didn't really see it so much. We love our football.


Most people that here the name East Carolina University would say that its a party school, but personally I think that thats every school. I would say probably it's Med School, and in the recent years our football team.


Art, Medicine, Football, Social life


The school has always been known for its great Education program.


I think my school is best know for it's school spirit. There is nothing like driving through Greenville on a football game day, it'll be hard to go a mile without seeing any purple and gold! When the greek life takes trips to other schools, the pirate spirit comes with. The school spirit is definitely something that draws attetntion to East Carolina Univeristy. On top of that, I think the science department is well known. There are many excellent teachers who devote all of their time into making sure you succeed and are also availbable to give advice.


Our Football Team. We won our counference the last 2 years and beat WVU this year, which made us 14th in the nation for a week!


ECU is best known for its sports and Medical prefessions. Football games are the best and are very exciting for freshman. The hospital in Pitt county is one of the best in the state and it provides many jobs for aspiring students. This school is very upbeat and future oriented.






Medical advancements