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What are the academics like at your school?


Very Good


At ECU, academics, are straightforward, classrooms are very maintained. I start my semester in the fall, but I have had roommates whom I watched do online portals, classwork, and discussion boards, and really show how simple it is and how they can interact with the instructors online or on campus. I love that, and it shows you are not alone in trying to achieve your goals here!


I really enjoy my classes here. I am an Adaptive and General Special Education major with Elementary add-on. Most of my education classes are a good size of about 20-30 students, which I really like because the professor gets to know everyone in the class and we, as the students, get to know each other and many of us have multiple classes together, which makes it easier if you need help with a certain assignment or studying for a test. Other Intro classes that many people have to take such as Biology or College Algebra can be larger classes but all of the professors are willing to meet with you at office hours or times that work with your schedule. Even online professors make time for you to meet with them if needed which is very helpful. Since the classes are smaller and you get the know the professor, I feel that if I ever need help with an assignment or something in the future I can always email them and ask for their help or opinion on the matter.


Every professor I've ever had always made an attempt to remember names in the class. Most students study very often. There are hardly ever any study rooms available in the library. Class participation is very common. Teachers like when you participate. Some even give extra credit for it.


The acadmics range here. Many of the freshman course are huge lectures and so probably the professor wont know your name unless you introduce yourself directly to him or her. However, even though they are like this, many can still be challenging and require you to study atleast a couple days before an exam (and not just the night before). As you move up though into classes and start getting into your major, the class sizes before smaller and the professor will know your name, Use this to your advantage as many students have relied on this to ask for references and lab positions later on, especially for my major Anthropology, which is a very small major at ECU. The Anthropology department is really great and nice and the professors really know their stuff and are willing to work with you. Yes, the first Intro class can be pretty boring, but what Intro class isn't tedious. Keep going and youll find that its pretty fun and your learn a lot.


As I've mentioned, general classes seem to balloon every year. The student-professor ratio becomes larger every year for general education courses like entry-level sciences, maths, and humanities. But the further you go in the University, the more personal your education becomes. The ratio shrinks for most departments. And you're left with manageable class size. It creates a personal atmosphere that encourages participation and discussion. Another plus: faculty. I really believe ECU faculty members care about their students, especially in the English Department (yes, I'm a little biased). I consider most of my professors as friends. They believe in their students, and they are there to help you succeed. And the English Department is very laid-back. It's not uncommon to join your professor and classmates at a local bar for a drink to celebrate or continue discussion after class.


I feel like the academics here can stack up against any other school, we are very proud of our nursing program, and last year the school started its first class of dental school students. Also this is one of the better schools around for business, we have alumni that are CEOs of major companies and they are great at networking


Although the number of students at ECU is vast, classes are typically pretty small. Professors will know your name. The only classes that tend to be large are the Intro classes, such as "Intro to Sociology."