East Carolina University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is dorm conditions.


The worst thing about East Carolina University is nothing. I came here for a great education and that is what I am getting.


It just isn't competitive with other schools in North Carolina and Maryland (home state). I am a little disappointed that I chose to come to ECU instead of University of Maryland because I feel as though I will really struggle to find a job after I graduate. Also, the amount of money offered to pay for school, especially for out-of-state students isn't very much. Paying for school has been a struggle for me and my family, and the education I have been getting isn't worth how much I am paying for tuition.


The worst thing about East Carolina University is that they have not been able to provide the adequate resources to accomplish the realization of my ultimate goal. The enthusiasm of the “Pirate Power” continues to wane because opportunities afforded most do not matriculate to minority students. East Carolina University has yet to discuss a viable financial plan.


The worst thing about East Carolina is the negative steryotype that ECU is a "party school" and some students only attend hoping to party and have a good time. East Carolina has a highly educated and trained staff with every intention of helping you reach your goals, but it's easy to find trouble, so watch out.


I can't think of anything bad about ECU. I love this university and the Nursing program is the best!


The worst thing about ECU is location. Although I am a NC resident and enjoy a school in the same state, Greenville is a town still needing growth and regulation. Greenville has bad parts and good parts. And like many other college towns, Greenville is not exactly the safest place to be especially alone.


I have not really seen any bad things about my school.


The football and basketball players are treated with kid gloves sometimes.


The worst thing about East Carolina University would be how disconnected the student body is as a whole. If you are studying in a specific area as your major you do not get to meet or interact often with people that are studying in academic areas. The university creates living and learning community, these environments are great for the intended purpose of being with other students in your study area. The negative side to these environments is that they keep you away from your peers in other study areas.


The easily accessible alcohol.


The grading system. There is a plus (+) and minus (-) system here that can wreak havoc on your GPA. I don't think it's fair that you can get a B+ or an A- but you cannot get an A+. I'd rather just have a B or a C because the minus makes it difficult to improve your grade point average if you don't do as well as you thought. Also, there is so much riding on one or two exams; it would help to have more graded assignments.


The worst thing about my school would be the punctuality and time-management of the advisors. Many times the academic advisors are late to one-on-one meetings and are generally unresourceful when searching for information on scholarships.


Since my school is known as a party school, students are viewed as ignorant drunks. I dislike this beceause if it was true, East Carolina would not have one of the best music programs, computer science programs, or medical programs in the state


I believe that night safety is the worst thing about attending East Carolina University. There is just not enough lights on campus. This semester I have a night class from 6:30- 9:30 so when I get out it is pitch black outside. I live at Pirates Cove which is up the rode so I ride the bus home at night. Walking from my classroom to the bus stop is very dangerous because it is so dark and "deserted" at night. Someone could easily be assulted, kidnapped, or worse...


Honestly, I can't think of anything bad to say about ECU. I still live in Greenville and like the town but I might have to go outside of ECU with my complaint and say that there isn't a whole lot to do in Greenville.


The transportatio system because it does not cycle frequently enough to be convenient and does not go to all necessary locations.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. Since there is a huge off-campus living, it is hard to find a place to park for classes. Most apartment complexes have shuttle buses that come every ten minutes. If you miss it you might be late to class.


I think the worst thing about my school is probably their promptness on certain things, it sometimes takes a while for the office ladies to respond or comprehend what you are saying especially with important financial aid questions. Other than that I love it here.


While East Carolina is an exceptional school, it's location can be an issue. Greenville is somewhat isolated in Eastern North Carolina. Many students do exceptionally well at ECU, and grow to love the area, but the lack of available opportunities drives them out of the region. I believe that if ECU was more accessible to job and internship opportunities, it would rise far above many universities as one of the greatest academic institutions. However, because students have to go so far for jobs, internships, and opportunities, the school is often overlooked.


The first thing that comes to mind is the parking situation. There is very limited parking on campus and its hard to find a space to park whenever there is a huge event. Also, parking passes are very expensive, and its very easy to get a ticket if you're parked in the wrong area based on your parking pass.


The worst thing about this university is that outside of the classes required for one's major, people seem so care very little about their school work, and they don't take learning seriously. They are usually more concerned with what party they are going to or how drunk they were the night before.


The city the school is located in is probably the worst thing about the school ..


I would say the availability of jobs for students who do not qualify for federal work study. I have applied for federal work study every year and never get it since the school feels my parents make enough in order to give me the money I need. I believe my parents do make a decent amount of money but they are struggling to get out of debt so I do not always receive the funds I need. I feel they need to do a better job of allowing more people to get jobs.


There is no bus service on the weekends, therefore, if you do not have a car, you basically are trapped on campus. When cafeterias are closed for holidays, you have no place to eat on campus that is cheap. Since Greenville is not located near a bus station or airport, the taxicab ride is long and expensive. Can get hot during the summer.


The worst thing about ECU could be the easy access students have to alcohol and parties. These activities seem to take away from study time and the importance of doing well. Going out to party seems like it is almost expected in order to be socially accepted.


I sincerely love East Carolina, and I love everything about it to be honest. However, my biggest problem with it is that it is so close to my home town. I always wanted to go away to school and really have a full "college experience". If ECU didn't have such a great education program, and if I didn't love it so much I would have gone farther away... but I fell in love and I couldn't think of a better school to attend.


The worst thing about going to ECU was that Greenville was such a big party town. There was a huge temptation to be more focused on the party atmosphere instead of academics.


One of the worse things for me would be that my school doesn't have some of the minors that I would maybe like to minor in. I would like to try different things to see if I'm really am interested in and it would help me, if I decide to take a minor, in the working world so I'm not limited to a certain amount of jobs.


Being a sophomore at ECU, I find it very hard at times to concentrate. Because it is so easy to make friends here, I have quite a few. Balancing a social life and school life can be very hard at times. Also, the library here is not as good as other university libraries. Though it is still a fabulous library, it could still be bigger and have better resources.


Now I hate that the school has become very crowded. I know it's great that more people have chosen to come to school here but the school just try to find some way to expand to accomidate all the new students.


Any institution is only as good as its students. Unfortunately, most people are focused on themselves and on the years they will spend in college without considering their own future and how to acheive their career and personal goals. It is easy to get caught up in campus activities and parties. Many conversations I hear in the halls and on the sidewalks are about how wasted people were the weekend before. Of course, there are those who care about getting an education and bettering themselves so they can better the community. However, this seems to not be the norm.


Just like any other college, it is very easy to let your social life interfere with your academics. At ECU there is always an oppurtunity to have fun. You need to learn how to balance your social and academic life.


I think the worst thing about our school is our schools reputation. ECU is known as one of the biggest party schools on the East coast. What people dont know about ECU is how great of an Education program we have, and how hard it is to get into our Nursing School. All people think about whenever they hear about East Carolina University is the drunk underage students, getting STD's, and that is pretty sad. I think that pur school needs to focus more on attending class and furthering everyones life that goes to this college.


Its nothing other than the college in the surrounding area. The closest big city is hr and a half away.


Although their is a minority base in the school, it seems that if you miss your opporunity as a freshman to create friends then it is extremely harder to create friends. The african-american count in the community is probably high, but if you are shy it is hard to see yourself fitting in with the other black people here. And the black soroities and fraternities are hard to get connected with.


I think the worst thing about my school is that some of the professors here are foreign and they speak english but it is very heavy accented english and very hard to understand, which in return makes the class harder than it normally would be. Not only do you have to learn the material but you have to translate it as the professor is saying it.


I think one of the worst things about this school is that it has the reputation of a party school. This really is not the truth. Yes, if you look for the partying you can find it but it is not like many people think that you drink in class. This keeps many of the people who would fit in well here away because they do not like the repuation it has.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes I am amazed to know that some students don't take their studies seriously.


The worst thing about East Carolina is the number of freshman who waste their first semester on the social aspects of college instead of focusing on academics.


The worst thing about this school would have to be the financial aid office. The main complaint I have heard about is the long process involved in recieving financial aid. Everyone gets their aid long after the semester has started and the line to figure out what you need to do to recieve aid is always about 8 hours long at the beggining of the semester.


Sometimes the work load and the lack of help that SOME of the professors give... not all of them are like this. And also the abundance of SQUIRRELS!!


Food, because most of it is fried. Sometimes I would just like to get a buffalo Chicken sandwich that was baked or have more options for baked food. Also to have the food to have more flavor and seasoning.


The finiacial aid department is really the worst.


The worst thing is, not that it's even bad , the campus workers. They are part of another company, they are rude and disrespectful.


The worst thing about East Carolina University is that it is located in the middle of a very bad area. There are a lot of homeless people wondering the streets and a lot of crime happens at all times of day. I still feel that it is a somewhat safe area with the police around.