East Carolina University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




That we are pirates and are very competitive , with our football team, and overall academics! Yes! I think this is very true! I am not ashamed to be a pirate in fact our Alumni is so awesome I wish to become one some day!


The most prominent stereotype of ECU is that we are a party school. From what I've witnessed and experienced myself, I'd say we party just as much as any other college campus does. We may party slightly harder, but we also get up the next day for our 8 am. We work hard and play hard.


The biggest stereotype of ECU students is that we are all alcoholic party-goers. This stereotype is largely untrue. In a school as big as ECU, there are bound to be many many students who do fit this mold, but in comparison to other schools we are not that drunk and party-going. Any school you go to will have a party/downtown scene; and while ECU's is large, it is not disproportionately large.


I think the most common stereotype here is frat guys and sorority girls. All the frat guys wear their bow ties and the sorority girls wear their letter shirts, tan, and get their nails done. Although they act like the stereotype, all of the Greeks donate time and raise money for many good causes such as American Cancer Society, Arthritis Foundation, and many others.


The stereotypes about East Carolina University are basically like every other school. Jocks are probably not the smartest. Frat kids are wild and don't do their work. Geeks never go out and always make A's. Most of these stereotypes are not accurate. Although ECU is known as a party school, the population is very intelligent. Everyone I talk to is working with a pretty decent GPA.


The students at East Carolina are usually stereotyped as party animals. To be honest, this stereotype is quite accurate. Downtown Greenville is always packed Thursday through Saturday and the apartment complexes always have loud parties going on somewhere. During the school week the talk among students is always about upcoming parties and recapping parties that just happened. If you get caught up in the wrong crowd then you will be the one going out every single weekend. However, there is nothing wrong with going out every weekend if you know how to balance partying with your school work. Only few can accomplish that task though.


Say ECU to anyone and they will automatically think "party school" and that all anyone does who goes here is party and get drunk on the weekends. Well, that does happen, but only to extent of what goes on at every other college. ECU has the stereotype for being easy to get into and where you can go party, but this is incorrect. We actually have a great academics and many hardworking students and faculty who really try to make your stay at ECU worthwhile to your future endeavors. And also, not all of us go party, its really only a small percentage who do and that's usually only on the weekends.


East Carolina University (ECU) students are often thought of as party fanatics and slackers. Sure, there is partying (it's inevitable: students who are often free from guardianship for the first stime will take advantage of newfound freedom). But that doesn't mean all the students are poor academics. Most students rise above the stereotype. Being free for the first time doesn't mean parties everyday, no sleep, and poor class attendance. ECU students are often studious (if you don't believe me, visit the library in the evening. Good luck finding an open student study room!). We just like to live it up in our downtime. But who can blame us; we study hard, and we deserve to party hard.


Everybody drinks and parties all the time...That is actually false, yes there are a lot people that party too much but for the most part students are just as studious as at any other major school


The most common stereotype is that everyone parties. Good--or bad, depending who you are--news is, this is completely false. I for one do not drink for personal reasons, and there are plenty of friends of mine and other students who don't enjoy the party scene either. There are plenty of other activities on campus to partake in! Plus, RAs are strict when it comes to alcohol in rooms. This stereotype is FALSE.