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East Carolina University is rank in the national college database of one of the top school in best teaching major. I would like to attend this school because I have study and done alot of research on my major and program of study and i found they have excellent teacher and instructer. I am looking for the best education with a great prencentage rate in those who graduate from ECU.


I absolutely love it here! I am from up North and was not sure how I would like it in the South, but my mind completely changed when I came to visit the school. The campus is beautiful and the people here are very nice and helpful. I think that East Carolina is the prefect size for a college. It is not huge but there is enough students and the campus is set up to give it a big campus feel. One thing that struck me when I came to visit was I came on a regular school day, so the students walking on campus would not know that there was a tour coming through that day, but still everyone was wearing East Carolina wear or purple and gold! I love the school spirit here and football season is the best! On game days it feels as if the entire town, alumni, and student body all come together and everyone has a great time creating the PIRATE NATION!


The best thing about ECU is its people. Everyone is so nice and personable. I honestly would not change anything about it. The campus is not extremely big and it's not too small either. It is very easy to remember where class buildings are so that helps a lot. People always think I party a lot when I say I attend ECU. But that's not true for everyone. I spend most of my time in the student center (Mendenhall). There are study areas, computer labs, leadership offices, and just alot to do. Greenville is a college town. I think the administration is very organized compared to other colleges. The most recent controversy was our "armed gunman". Nobody was really in any danger because it turned out to be just an unbrella, but police officers followed very professional procedures. School Pride equals ECU. You will always see people carrying or wearing something ECU related. Everybody here loves being a pirate. Ecu is just a normal college.


I would say the best thing about ECU is its lovely open and campus and the welcoming feel from its students. I remember touring ECU before I was a freshman and just loving how everyone was so friendly and easy going. There were no judgements about grades or extracurriculars that you might have brought in, they were simply happy to have you come tour their school. One thing that I would change however is the ECU website. It can be very difficult and irritating to try to find anything on that website because of its search system, which tends to be very lacking. Its actually easier just to google the topic separately and just insert ECU as tagline to find what you need. Another thing about ECU is its reputation--that is all partiers and drunkards--but don't let that scare you. We actually are a really good school with great academics without any pretentiousness. Really only a small percentage go partying, and if you stay away from downtown on the weekends, you dont even know that it really goes on. We definitely have a lot of school pride when it comes to football. Going to the games are fantastic, especially when you can sit in the student section with everyone and you do that cheers and chants. Most of the time however, you can see students spending their time at two places: Wright Place (which is like an outside student common area/breezeway) and the Library. Both are pretty nice to go too because theres lots of place to meet up with friends, grab something to eat, get coffee (Starbucks stole all my money because of this), or study. At Wright, theres outdoor tables too and place to sit, where, if its nice out is a really great place to study or simply have lunch (especially after 4 when most of the students are done for the day). And probably the biggest recent controversies we've had on campus are the Streaker at the Football game and Gunbrella Man. The streaker not only did it during a military appreciation game, but he also made the ECU newspaper, front page, in only his birthday suit with not little bleeps or blurriness to be descreet about anything.This cause a huge controversy, because I dont know about you, but I certainly dont want to see some man's body parts right smack dab on the front page. And also, Gumbrella Man, the alleged gunman on campus who really turned out just to be a guy with an umbrella. Atleast though, you know ECU is alert about possibly threats and ready to take action by being prepared for any possibility of one.


I'll forever be a pirate. ECU is a mellow campus with unique students. Our town surrounds the campus; the town was built around the university. And because of this, it's hard to find a local business that doesn't sport its Pirate Pride. The freshman population seems to steadily rise every Fall semester. And I think along with the growing incoming classes come some good and bad. Let's start with the bad news: classes for general education (entry-level courses for math, sciences, humanities, etc) have expanded... tremendously. The courses are moved to huge auditorium or stadium seated classrooms. This means large numbers of students (close to 100, sometimes more). And that kind of student-professor ratio makes it easy to get lost in the crowd. It's harder for one professor to ensure that all his students understand the material. The plus for those large classes? Study groups! In that size class, there are bound to be 5 or more study groups that form. And it creates bonds between classmates while they work through difficult material. This brings us to the good news about increased population of Freshman: funding. Yeah, dollars and cents. Sure it sounds bad, but ECU is notorious for funding and improving technology on campus. The college brings more and more innovative technology to both classrooms and computer labs. And the labs are readily available to all students.


ECU has an amazing atmosphere, especially during football season, the facilities are top-notch and everyone always seems nice. There are many annual events like Barefoot on the Mall which is an awesome experience, especially for freshmen. The only fault ECU has is that the basketball program lacks funding, so after football season the spirit kind of dies down a bit, but other than that this school is the best


With the amount of students attending the university, it may seem at first glance that you can get lost in the crowd. Thankfully, this is not the case. Campus is not too large, so I constantly pass people I know. You will not get lost in the crowd here. The only complaint people have is the squirrels--they're everywhere. Every once in a while you need to dodge an acorn, but other than that they eat food from the trash and are basically harmless.