East Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I recommend individuals who are very school spirited, sociable, outgoing, and open-minded to attend East Carolina University. The students who do not match these attributes are the minority on campus and mostly focused only on the academic side of college. This university aims to promote diversity and educate its students on the different cultures practiced in the world. I have learned a lot from my years at the university and now understand that college has a purpose other than just academics. ECU opened my eyes to the networking, social, and memorable aspect of college.


A person who wants to have a great college experience but also get a great education.


A very outgoing person with leadership qualities should attend this school. East Carolina has hundreds of clubs and many different sororities and fraternities that are available to students. There are tons of opportunities to let your voice be heard and take on a leadership position.


Someone that knows how to balance their social life and school should attend ECU. There are so many things to do during the Fall and Spring semesters and if one does not know how to balance thier life, things may not work out.


A person who is able to balance work and play will thrive at this university. There are a plethora of things to get into at ECU, and if one cannot find the balance between enjoying the extracurriculars and actually going to class and doing the work, then he will struggle. If he can balance those, though, he will LOVE it!


East Carolina University welcomes all ethnicities and races. Whether you are going to college strictly for schooling or you are going to "have a good time" (while you learn) East Carolina University is the place for you. People that are very social and do well in large classes are the kind of people that should attend ECU. Unlike high school where you have small classes of about 20-30 students some ECU classes have between 100-200 students in them. It is a huge school which allows you to meet new people everyday.


East Carolina can produce very successful students long as the student is dedicated and self-disciplined, as well as responsible. Being a college student requires great responsibility; with trying to maintain good grades and a social life, some students have a hard time balancing and managing . To be successful at ECU, a student must understand what is expected, have self control and be very studious.


The type of person that should attend this school should be determined. Any college is not easy. You have to be above your peers and stay in to study in stead of going out to party. There are going to be times when he/she is going to want to quit, but I think about what it will bring in the end. In the end, I will have a degree which will put me one foot forward to my goals in life.


Some one who likes to have a good time. Someone who has a lot of school spirit and likes football.


Prospective students must be independent, driven, and posess the ability to step outside their comfort zone. Those who are not willing to socialize, amongst peers or professional acquaintances, are going to be extremely uncomfortable at this school. "Easy U" is an inaccurate stereotype. This school does require hard work and determination. While athletics are not everything, a great sense of school spirit will help anyone fit in here. Students who do not mind being in small towns will feel right at home in Greenville. There is an incredible nightlife downtown as well.


Someone who is seriously interested in making a difference in their life and working towards a goal in helping others. It doesn't matter what field of study you take one way or another you are making a difference. You must be committed, energetic and have the drive to want the education to make the difference.


What kind of person should attend ECU? A person that is serious about his or her education. Any student who is excited about goint to college should attend ECU. ECU is a college that has every thing for any student. ECU looks after the majority and the minority. Instructors are willing to help any student to succeed. ECU has the tools for success in the college expierence. ECU is a small town college with no limits on education. ECU is a stong provider of college graduates every year. ECU will prepare you for anything in your furture. It did me!


Someone who loves to socialize with other people.


A person that is ready to get out into their field. They need to have their head on right and focus. If they don't then they will lose focus very quickly on this campus. Have to be ready to do some work, it is not a college that you can just breeze by. Get ready to be tested on how much you can retain in one semster and be willing to get tutored or help as much as possible.


Any one who is willing to put in the time and the effort to make their dreams of being successful come true.


Any person who is interested in the arts is strongly encouraged to attend this school. The arts program is one of the strongest in the state of North Carolina and the most challenging. East Carolina University is also known for their athletic programs and the students are overtaken with school spirits. The students are also very involved in school activities and their own studies. At East Carolina, people get the full college experience and many of the students enjoy their stay at this university.


Someone who is career-oriented and want to succeed. They also want to have great alumni status especially with school donations and finding great jobs after graduating. On the other hand, they want to join lots of diverse organizations and have help that is right around the corner when they are experiencing any type of problem.


People who are relax, layed back. People who are looking to be very diverse, this school is diverse in everyway. People should be willing to be social, this is a school that everyone gets alone and hangs out with everyone, but you must be able to manage your time, because there is so much going on that you might forget why your there.


I think this school is great for everyone. Its very diverse in the sense that there are a wide variety of different groups of people, so an incoming freshman shouldn't have a problem finding a group of friends to hang around. More specifically I think this school is great for individuals pursuing health careers or as teachers.


A very self- sustained, strong individual that works hard and has a strong will to succeed.


social, like sports, active, friendly, likes to party, wants to attend big school


Smart, outgoing.


Someone who is hard working and takes pride in thier school. ECU Pirates are known for thier school spirit.


someone who is focused on their reason to attend school which is to graduate. Has the ability to mulit-task and complete their work independantly. Self driven and motivated and not easily distracted. Someone who is ready to mature and take on lifes challenges with some fun.


An outgoing individual who is focused on expanding their education towards an acceptable career. Someone that would have a lot of school spirit would also fit in easily at ECU.


A person who can be focused on school and still maintain a social life. Someone who likes to party and drink.


This school goes a lot with those who like a "homey" environment. Those who live close by and do not want to go far away for school would fit right at home here. A lot of people say this school is one of the "party" schools but really it is not.


School spirited student who is willing to be serious about their degree and is ready to get a job right out of school.


Someone who wants to get the full college experience should attend this school. Someone whose social life is not important to them would probably not enjoy this school very much. Someone who is an extrovert that has career goals for the future should attend this school.


This school is one of the top 5 schools for construction management. If you did not do your best in high school but want a place where you can easily stand out, get amazing research positions your freshman year, really get to know your professors, and feel like you are part of a team this is the school for you. A love of football is a MUST since weekends during fall semester are devoted entirely to Pirate football!!! The campus is pretty conservative and is not very diverse so if you are looking for diversity try ASU.


a very outgoing person


The student should be mature enough to take care of herself because there are a great deal of influences both bad and good around here.


Anyone and everyone. East Carolina University has a niche for everyone from sorority girl, to marching band, to football player, artists, etc. You name it, we've got it! We have the best entertainers come to campus, a variety of community service and a whole lot of school spirit. The whole town surrounding campus supports ECU and everyone wears purple and gold! I am so proud to be a part of this school and to call myself a pirate! GO PIRATES!!!!