East Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


ECU is a place for outgoing students who are willing to work hard. Greenville, NC is the ideal college town, and you can really feel the sense of community here. ECU is for those who want a small school feel at a large university. ECU is also the place to be for the best of North Carolina football and barbeque, which we pride ourselves in. Most importantly, ECU calls for its students to be leaders who serve the community. Students here really must exemplify that motto by holding themselves and each other to a high standard.


East Carolina brings together a great balance of work and fun. Someone who thinks that East Carolina is only a party school is wrong. If they plan on coming just for the fun, they should not attend. Academics are very important and not all professors take Halloween off, meaning you very well may have to go to class on Halloween or the day after.


A person who doesn't have a strong work ethic should not attend this school because it requires inner strength to remain on task.


I think if a person is not very outgoing, they shouldn't attend this school. East Carolina is a very community-based university and they are very big on getting everyone active in clubs and various activities. You have to be able to step up and be a leader at times or help out often. A shy person is going to feel out of place with all the outgoing activities there are.


The typy of person that shouldn't attend this school, is someone who likes to party. Yes, we are known to be the party school, but we are also known for our acdemics. If you aren't able to balance out your school life and social life, then this is not the place for you. There is so much to offer here that you just want to do it all but you can't.


A person who isnt dedicated to their future career should'nt attend this school because every single student that goes to ECU is in love with their major and works their hardest to achieve complete understanding to be more successful when the leave ECU. Without that dedication a person could get lost and waste some of the best years of their life.


A non-social person


People who are easily distracted and not focused on thier education should not go to East Carolina University.


Some people attend this school thinking it's a big party school. Those people get kicked out because they don't focus on their academics and fail out or get busted for drugs or alcohol. Other than that, it is a school that has lots to provide for everyone.


Some one who is not interested in learning and doing hard work to get their degree.


The type of person that shouldn' attend this school is someone that is very acedemicly gifted.


Someone who does not like to be social and go out.


Some one who doesnt like rain and likes snow. Some one who is introverted.


Those people who likes small settings and small classes should not attend East Carolina University. The average class size consist of one hundred students. Those people who live is large cities might not enjoy the smaller city of Greenville. The weather in winter is usually mild; however, if a person does not like hot weather they should not attend this universtiy. The summer weather is very humid and hot. The student population consist of many different nationalities. Those people who have problems with people of other races would have a problem.


A person that should not attend East Carolina is someone who is not a hardworker and is not willing to sacrfice large amounts of time for studying. In addition, a person who is not involved in school activities and does not want to succeed in life. A person who does not want to do something good for themselves should not attend East Carolina.


Anyone who is not really independent or open minded. There is so much diversity here and things that you might encounter and it would be better if people were more open-minded to situation they may not be accustomed to. There is no one to hold your hand or wake you up for class, you have to make the effort. Professors do not care if you show up or not, it is only your time and money that is being wasted not theirs. Grades are definately not handed to anyone; you get what you earn.


I believe that anyone would be welcome on the campus of East Carolina University. No one is judgemental here, and a lot of the students on campus are open to change and accepting new ideas. ECU is a great school to start out in general college, however they do specalize in the Brody School of Medicine and the College of Nursing. If I had to tell what type of person should not come here, it might be a student who is so focused on a certian life path that they dont want to have the full, fun college expierence.


A student who would like to have a very large campus atmosphere and would like the environment of a large city should not apply to this university since this is more of a rural area and a small campus. Also, if living near air transportation is a must , this is not the university because the airport which houses the different major airlines is about 2 hours away.


People who are up tight, not very tolerant of others. Someone who is not looking to meet new people and learn lots. People who like being in the city!


A person who is easily distracted by going out. A person who wants to attend a small school.


A really uptight person shouldn't attend ECU. Everyone here is pretty laid back and easy-going. An uptight person wouldn't enjoy the party atmosphere and wouldn't open up to people in order to make friends. Also, an extremely conservative person should understand, before attending ECU, that there is alot of drinking and drugs here. They might want to take that into consideration before coming here.


A person that is not going to work for what they want, because when you come to college it's a new playing feild there is no time for games, you have to work on keep youself motivated.


East Carolina University is an extremely diverse school and I can?t think of anyone who would not fit in here. There are drinkers and non-drinkers, straight people and homosexual people, rich people and poor people, religious people and non-religious people as well as all different races and ethnic groups. I believe anyone interested in East Carolina University would fit in.


A student that is down for new expereiences and comes in with an open mind ready to meet a bunch of people like you and a bunch of people not like you at all. A person who is strong willed and doesn't give into peer-pressure very easily . Also someone who can be responsible on their own without someone breathing down your neck to make sure you do your own work.


A person that is only coming to have a good time to party or else they are just wasting their money. Also, a person that does nothing but study study study because if that is the case, then they will feel left out of the social life and all of the great things ECU has to offer.


Anyone would feel comfortable attending East Carolina University. If you absolutely hate having fun then I encourage you to stay away


I do not feel there is anyone who should not attend this school. There are plenty of things to do on campus whether academically or socially, plenty of school spirit, plenty of places to hang out with or with out drinking. I can't imagine anyone not being able to fit in unless they tried not too. There is a great amount of diversity here and everyone seems to generally get along, which allows different groups to interact and learn from each other. There are numerous clubs and programs that help you get involved, you just have to find them.


Unsocial, extremely serious, studious people


This is a hard question to answer because I feel like my University provides a way for most students to find a way to fit it and be active and enjoying college life. Our University is filled with diversity, including a variety of ethnicities, many International students, religious beliefs, political beliefs and many other differences. Because of this, I would say our school would not be applicable for the student that is not open minded or willing to be challenged in many ways.


I think this school would be great for anyone. it is very diverse and accepting.


anyone could attend. There are all kinds of people here.




Someone that is not involved in school sports. Someone that concedes easily to peer pressure.


ECU would not be a good school choice for narrow-minded people who are not willing to branch out and be social.


racist and people who dont comprehend well.


A quite person, one who is not very outgoing.


I honestly can not think of any individual who would feel out of place at ECU.


None. ECU is very diverse and offers a wide range of majors. Although it is a big school, and may intimidating to people from small towns, I would still recommend it. It is a large school, but it is very welcoming, and being immersed in such a different environment would be a great learning experience.