East Carolina University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the school spirit to be the best thing about my school. Pirate pride is essential.


The best thing about East Carolina is the school spirit. You always know there is a football game that weekend, because everyone is decked out in spiritwear the Friday before a Saturday game. The pride for our school brings the student body together.


There are some really great teachers here. The class size is not as large as you would expect it to be, and that is great.


The best part of my school is the student unity. Everybody is loud and proud of being an East Carolina University Pirate. At East Carolina, students look out for each other. We all help each other with classes, homework, transportation, and all sorts of things. For example, I needed help getting to work one day, and a fellow pirate, whom I had only met after coming to school, gave me a ride both to work, and back to the dorm. The unity at East Carolina is strong and lasts forever. Loyal and Bold, Purple and Gold.


I love how learn how I to deal with and experience life in different settings and in the company of a diverse population of wonderful people.


The atmosphere is just wonderful! The students are so friendly, the professors are amazing, and you can tell everyone just loves being there!


ECU has a superstition about the cupola on the middle of campus. The myth is that if you walk under the cupola, then you won't graduate in four years. There is no empirical data to support this, but do you really want to take the chance? =P


All of the dorms are a bit different but they were not as bad as I have heard dorms to be. I was in Greene Hall which is on the West Side of campus and I really liked the location of where it was; you can walk out one side and be at the dining hall and walk out the door on the opposite side and be at the recreation center. The rooms in Greene were also a bit larger than rooms in the other dorms, which was definitely nice! The dorms on the central part of campus have smaller rooms but they are closer to your classes and the dorms on college hill are a typical dorm size but it is a little bit of a walk to your classes. What is really nice about all the dorms is that they provide a refrigerator and a microwave, which most schools do not and that saves a bunch of money.


The best thing about my school is the incredible spirit that all the students have. As I walk through East Carolina's beautiful campus I see thousands of students dressed in purple and gold and it makes me happy to be a part of this great University.


The club sports program because they fund everything and it fun.


The school spirit is my favorite thing about ECU. The students are all supportive of one another, whether it be at games, competitions or even within the classroom. East Carolina students are proud of the school they attend and want each person to succeed at it. The spirit serves as a motivational purpose.


The best thing about the school is the diversity and the friendliness of the individuals that attend and work at the university. The school spirit is awesome


The best thing is definitely the spirit my school has during sport season's. East Carolina may not have the best football team, though the school's students are in love with the mascot of a Pirate. With all the Spirit, ECU is also very friendly, and has a small town feel, regardless of the 20,000+ students who attend.


East Carolina University offers countless opportunities for both the staff and students. East Carolina University provides academic advising as well as free tutoring services.


I like how everyone is so friendly. The biggest thing is that boys and girls are always opening and holding the doors for you. It may just be a southern thing but students here are very respectful. My RA on my floor is so nice and helpful and they have amazing breakfast in the West End Dining Hall, as well as my classes being fun and educational.


The two things that are the best at ECU are the transportation system and professors. There are buses that shuttle on-campus students to off campus store like Target and the Greenville Mall. There are also buses that shuttle off-campus students on campus to class. On the weekends a bus runs downtown to return students safely back to campus. Secondly is the quality of the professors that work at ECU. Most of the professors are doctors in their fields and have a wealth of information that they are more than willing to pass on to the student body.


There was only one department that I was unhappy with. Every other class I took in every department I loved and learned a lot in.


The best thing about ECU is the people. Everyone is very laid-back and willing to help f you just ask. It is a large campus but everyone is like one big family and everyone takes a lot of pride in the school.


The diversity clubs and programs ran at this school. The openness the school allows for people to start their own organization. I feel there is a strong emphasis on cultural diversity and art programs. I like that the school is big but not too big for people to know their way around campus. I feel there is a sense of unity with all the students and no sense of segregation. I enjoy attending the many cultural events so that I can learn something new.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere, created by goal-oriented fun-loving students, dedicated teachers, a beautiful campus, and surrounding community, all working together to establish a distinct and unique environment.


The best thing about my school are the individuals who are here to learn and the professors educating us. There are a lot of highly motivated young adults that are soon to be our country's leaders. The professors are top of the line and expect a lot from their students. The work is tough but in the end everyone is better off for putting in 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} through their college experience. The facilities on campus are new and have been kept up to date through the years. There is something to offer all individuals here.


That it is a safe environment and the teachers I had really enjoy teaching. Its a safe environment because everywhere you walked, there is a blue emergengy phone. There is also Safe Ride which is a way of traveling from one place to another safely.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Our campus is very open and welcoming to new people. They provide many opportunities for people to join organizations that fit their personality and interests. The facilities on campus such as the student center, recreations and gym are well equipped with the necessary non-academic interests. Another benefit for this school is that unlike other colleges if you live on campus you do not have to pay for your laundry. They understand how much students have to spend on a daily basis.


For me, the best thing about this university is that they offer a wide variety of studies in a smaller setting and the town is easy to get around .


I've recently been diagnosed with ADD. My mother wrote a letter to the University asking for help. The Vice Chancellor responded the same day she received the letter. The response was with a "game plan" for assisting me.


Although it is hard for me to choose the BEST thing about East Carolina University, I would have to say that student services are exemplary in this school. As a new student moving into ECU, the admissions office, registrar and financial aid office personnel were extremely helpful. Not only do they have a huge amount of printed materials and online resources, they are also very interested in helping you resolve issues and find solutions. Beyond them, the advisors are exemplary. Any problem imagineable is easily solved by your personal advisors who take a special interest in the students they advise.


My favorite thing about East Carolina is the small school atmosphere. The interaction between students is personable, faculty and staff are very friendly, and the campus itself seems "cozy" even though it accomodates a lot of students.


East Carolina University is helpful, kind, and a lot of fun. ECU has the best school spirit in North Carolina that I have ever seen. Students here are dedicated, driven, and hard working. I would say the best thing about this school is the way people interact here. I have never felt so comfortable in an environment such as ECU, and I am confident any college freshman would have an easy time fitting in and having a blast.


There are quite a few classes open at times that don't conflict with other classes that you sign up for. There is also a large number to choose from so that you aren't picking something that you'll absolutely hate. The teachers and other students are usually very nice as well, especially within a program.


The vast array of subjects and activities


ECU has amazing school spirit. We are all proud to be Pirates and it shows both on and off campus. Sporting events here are the best because everyone only wants the best for our teams and we're not happy if we don't succeed


I think that the best thing about my school is the size of the campus. The campus is very compact making it easy to walk from class to class.


It is fun, friendly, and really relaxed. It is a good community, and is a spirited school. There are plently of class choices and there is someone there to help you majority of the time. Everyone is just looking to have a good time, which makes the school feel like home.


The spirit of ECU is the best. Everyone is so friendly and just wants to have a good time!


Because I am a non-traditional study, being able to take some of my class online and in the evenings make it possible for me to continue my eduation while working at the same time.


the professors. They were always really helpful and were glad to spend time outside of class talking with students.


The atmosphere of the campus and the diversity of the people on the campus.


Everything is great about this school! From the awesome professors, great social and learning experiences, to the many things ECU has to offer us students of different likes, wants, and needs.


The best thing about East Carolina University would have to be the football team. I know that sounds kind of out there when picking the best thing about a university, however the football team is what ECU is known for. It also ties not only the students together, but the whole community as well. Being an East Carolina University "Pirate," is a camraderie of the people who attend the college and the people who are alumnis of the college. Without this camraderie ECU would not be as popular, as famous, or as well known.


It's one big community, a family!


I like the professors, they are very helpful and mindful.


this school is very diverse for its size. the degrees offered are extensive and the experience is great.


The best aspect about my school is the convenience and the opportunity to learn. East Carolina Univerisity's system of resources is almost flawless for students to find our own way to learn new things. I have access to almost anything I want or need to succeed.


The best thing about our school is the availiabilty of resources. ECU has particular buildings for particular situations that helps the students out alot. I came to ECU thinking what am I'm going to do, I so far from home, and I don't no anyone. We have buses that take us anywhere around greenville, we have a health clinic, a 24 hours library and multiple computer labs, good variety of food, tutoring services, conseling services, and many activities around campus. I truely enjoy the availiabilty of our resources at school.