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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would have a lot to tell myself. One of the first things that I would tell myself is to make sure that I value what little bit of high school I have left and to make sure that I choose my friends in college carefully. While I was in high school all I could think about was getting to college. Now that high school is over I wish that I would have participated more and had more fun. While I was in college I had a lot of fun and became great friends with a girl named Bre. We were always together. As time went by it seemed like she changed. About a month ago we got in a huge fight and we no longer speak to each other. Looking back I see how I might have put up with things that I shouldn't have because I thought she was my friend and that she would do anything for me. I learned that she wasn't my friend, but it's ok because I have friends that love me for me.


I would tell my senior self many things. I would advise her to choose East Georgia instead of Georgia Southern. I would also explain to her how important studying really is and that college is way different than high school. I would tell her she would have a lot of fun, however she would need to have fun only on the weekends, and not every night. I am glad that looking back now, I have changed and matured a lot as a person. I think that I am doing a lot better in school now than I ever had.