East Los Angeles College Top Questions

Describe the students at East Los Angeles College.


Mostly Asians and Hispanics


My classmates are very nice and helpful. Trying making new friends.


In all honestly, the students here aren't all that great in my experience. I found that if your going to community college for socializing, go to Pasadena City College, your peers are fun, and you will make long term friends. In turn, however I found that PCC professors were not great (I went there for a handful of semesters). Students at ELAC are not all that politically aware although most identify with left wing. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to politics and prefer to hear about issues rather than just siding with left or right, and if your like me be prepared to be "challenged" on that viewpoint. It's funny though, because some of the left wing students here have no idea about anything politics related and just vote democrat because they think its cool or their parents identify with that political party. Mainly, students here are all locals OR are international students and in my opinion, its getting overcrowded with students from asian countries. I say this not because I am racist, but because most of them just goof off in class and play solitare on their computers which results in them just taking another student who wanted to be there's place. Not cool.


Classmates are ll in class to learn and help eachother when needed.


Classmates are whatever you want them to be. Although I hate the fact that nowadays there are more highschool students involved in college at an earlier age. I dont hate the fact that they want to get a head start but I hate the fact that they are so inmature. They make noise during class and disrespect the professors. Theyre just a bunch of babies, I wish that highschool students had classrooms where they would be with their classmates and college students with their own as well, I think that would solve the problem.


I havent started classes just yet i will be starting febuary 2 but i can imagine they will be wonderful,. They people i have meet already while registerd on campus were so helpful i got to meet two classmates of mine we all will be taking the same class together so i am excited to meet them and attend class with them.


My classmates are very respectfull to one another theyre also very mature. And other students are helpfull for example if you did not attend school one day and you missed out on notes the teacher had wrighten down on the board they will help you out with that. Im not saying they let you copy but guide you on what you missed out on.


A very diverse set of people coming from different backgrounds all in search of a College education.


Want to focus and learn.


My classmates are hard working individuals with a minset towards a goal.