East Los Angeles College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


A great variety of cultures




My school is best known as a transfer community college, and for good reason. Since this school is centrally located between various high schools, it is more of a feeder campus for students who are trying to save money, taking classes for a different major, and/or starting a new path.


East Los Angeles College is best known for serving 14 communities surrounding the school. Thire famous motto is, "Start here and go anywhere". Which fits the the school perfectly. Some students can attend four years and some can attend two years and transfer. East Los Angeles College is also known for the nursing program they offer. Their teachers are known to have extensive experience in the field as well other fields from art, to photography and social science.


I came to know about it for its courses in Photography and because of the large mural they once had but no longer exists due to the construction.