East Los Angeles College Top Questions

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ELAC gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual and to open the doors to a higher and brighter education. As their motto says. Start at ELAC go anywhere


My school is a very mixed school we have many different people and many different programs and activities to choose from. ELAC has a great variety of things to offer all there students with great proffesors who really care about there students and are willing to help them in any which way possible. They are also expanding themselves a lot more creating more possibilities for there students.


The location and the diverse students that attend east los angeles college . Another unique factor in choosing this school was the wonder adminstrators they have and the programs they offer , it was an easy choice when i met with my counsler for the first time ,i explained who i was why i wanted to attend school and all my situation i was going through. She looked me in my eyes and told me this is were i could change my lie and get a fresh start towards my education and were i can follow my dreams in becoming a officer .


While East Los Angeles College is a small community college, it remains large in its presence and impact upon society. The college acts as an important stepping stone, connecting its students with the heights of their ambitions while also supplying our society with productive members across the occupational spectrum. Students can attend East Los Angeles College with the intention of becoming anything in between a mechanic or a doctor and find the fundamental starting grounds that will propel them into their desired direction. This college has undoubtedly changed the lives of millions, standing as a proponent of social change.