East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?




The academics at East LA College prepare me and other fellow students to transfer. Whether it'd be to a Cal State, UC, a private university like USC or an out of state university. They also prepare for a rewarding job once we graduate.


Academics are pretty decent. Professors remember your name IF you show up to class, it never fails that the class looks empty except for test days. Remember that most of the professors here take attendance into consideration when getting final grades together, its a major factor really. My favorite classes have been Broadcasting 1 (I had an excellent Professor), and Law 1 (another great Professor). My major is English however I can honestly say I didn’t have the greatest teachers when it came to this subject, however I’m sure that will change next semester when I get more into mythology and all that good stuff, hopefully. Also, the math teachers here are pretty great. There are a mix of students study wise. I, for example study my booty off because I want to transfer to a good university, however I have been in study groups where students could care less about anything school related. Overall, it’s a mixed bag. I hear that the occupational programs here are decent, however I’m receiving an AA and transferring so I cannot fairly speak on that subject.