East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love ELAC


East Los Angeles College is currently going under some renovations. A new building is set to open in the spring semester next year. Overall, I really like the school. I got to meet new people who were and/or are very awesome and the professors are really knowledgable about the subjects they teach.


One of the best things about this school is the location. It's in Monterey Park so its close to East LA, Alhambra, LA, etc. It's also right near Atlantic square which contains alot of shops and a market. In all honestly, however the faculty is the best of the best. I've had many professors and I can only say 2 had no business teaching, and thats not a bad rate. Mainly, you get excellent professors that treat you with respect, so far. I only have a couple semesters left before I transfer and I can say that overall, I have had a great experience. The tuition isn't all that bad (even though it IS rising). Also, the counseling is pretty great. In the beginning I went to one woman and she was one of those who just rushed me out of her office and didnt help me at all, which was discouraging, however when I switched counselors (and I'm very glad I did) he has been nothing but helpful and patient. The campus is also nice. BUT the bad part of this school is registration. Good luck new students on getting classes, its really, really difficult due to overcrowding. Its also very difficult to add the day of, you may get lucky though as I did last fall.