East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are only trying to occupy a sit in class to either waste time or obtain financial aid. This prevents others from attend needed classes who are trying to take their education seriously


The kind of person that should not attend this college is someone who is not serious about education. Also, someone who does not want to improve their way of life, reach their educational goals, or does not want to earn more money. Having an education is extremely important, especially in today's world. As each day passes, it becomes more difficult to progress through life without an education.


Anyone can attend this college as long as they are motivated goal oriented and know what they want out of life anything is possible and everyone should have a chance at that.


ELAC is great community college for virtuallly everybody, because it offers a variety of different majors. I have had a wonderful experience at ELAC, because I benefit from the many academic programs that it offers, including the "honors program" that gives its members priority admission into UCLA. Furthermore, the faculty helps students nagivate through the transfer process by offering workshops throughout the year.


A person that shouldnt attend this school, is someone that does not like to seek for help, and beleives they can go through college life with no one's help.


I think anyone can attend this school. I've never heard of someone who shouldn't attend. The college serves 14 communities. Therefore , i feel that everyone could attend and should attend this school. Especially because East Los Angeles College offers classes in the city of South Gate, Rosemead and Los Angeles. Again, everyone who can attend, should attend. There is no such thing as someone who should not attend.