East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Have some sense of direction and not to waste time


The advice I would give my high school self is to really take high school more serious, and study harder. I would tell myself to make school my #1 priority, and get good grades so that I would have been able to just go straight to a 4-year.


knowing what i know now, i would have convinced myself to continue with school after high school. not only that i would of focused more on the time i had in high school, thats where it began. if i would have just kept up in class i wouldnt have to do have of my senor year again. hey, you live and you learn. the time i spent working making money, could have been spent on my career, learning and graduating, maybe even getting double what i earn now. education is the key to jobs, money and a knowing of how to maintain health to prosper. if one is not educated, its like being able to speak but you dont, what good is it that u have a mouth if nothing productive is let out.


If I was a high school senior, my advice for myself would be is to apply for a scholarship and apply to a good college. Another advice would be is that if I apply to a college I have to get good grade and work hard and complete a four-year college and have my bachelor degree.


In high school I was a person who was independant and stubborn. Though, I feel these attributes are positive, sometimes they can be barriers. In high school, they served as a wall for me. I was an average student. But this stubbornness kept me from listening to the advice of counselors. I was determined to do things my way. And my way wasn't necessarily the right way. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would sit down and have a one-on-one conversation about the seriousness of a college education and my direction in life. If my high school self refused to listen, my older self would be persistant. I would also keep in constant contact with high school me and continually follow up. And though I've had many missteps in high school and early on in my college life, I would not change any decisions I've made in the past. Those decisions have led me to where I am today. And I am happy. I continue to be the independant and stubborn person of my younger years, just wiser in my decision making.


The advice that i could give myself is the journey of a college student is challenging, but worth it. College life is hectice, but you learn so much information that can help you decide who you want to be in the future. People who miss college, miss almost half of their life experiences. College gives you a new perspective of life and new opportunity to prove to society, to yourself what you can accomplish with determination. Also, if you struggle their is help in the campus you just have to be willing to look for it.


Do not stress yourself out about what university you will get accepted. There are plenty of oppurtunities even if they dont look so great on the outside. Don't feel ashamed if you are not admitted into a high ranked or prestigious school. Your education does not depend on the school that you attend but how you make the best out of the resources that you have. It is better to attend a two year college because it is almost the same as going to a university when it comes to getting your general education. It is also better because you save thousands each year which can become helpful in the future when you want to attend medical school. Don't give up when everything seems to be going wrong because eventually evrything becomes achievable and possible. Do your best and dont be afraid to show who you really are. Friends will come and go so dont feel like you are alone when you transfer because the other thousand students are going through the exact same thing.


I would start by saying reciving a degree and an education can be one of the greatest achievements ever, and will help you in the long run. There are many great possiblites out there and you need your education in order to succeed. Life dosent come easy and we are faced with hard times always and no one knows what will happen, which is why you want to be secure in life and set for all the obsticles life will bring you. Going to school and getting that education will help in so many ways its an experience that should not be passed life will only be easier for you having that degree and obtaining a job doing something you love and means a lot to you. In the end going to college is really the best thing to do if you want to succeed in life.


I would tell myself, "dont waste time, take eduaction seriously. It is very hard to get through college. Get good grades this way you can hopefully get a scholarship because it is vey hard to have to work to pay for your school and go to school at the same time. Your parents dont have much money to put you through school, but they will help you as best as they can. Dont you want to make your parents proud? Dont you want to help them financially one day? Well you need to stop fooling around and start fousing on what is important. You dont want to finish school at a late age. Focus so you can graduate young. You have the rest of your life to have fun and party but right now is buisiness time and you need to take care of it!"


Although I have always been socially confident, the fact that nobody in my family graduated from high school led me to think that I would become a construction worker like my father and older brother. However, one day, while riding home on the bus during my first semester in community college, I reflected on some encouraging words that my sociology professor offered me. Moments earlier, he said with touching confidence that I should join the honors program because I had ?a gift for observation? that was ?remarkable?. That night, as I watched my father and older brother walk into our home after a long day of laboring, covered in cement mix and wood chips, I saw something profound on my father?s face. His exhausted smile seemed to elicit within me a restless desire to do well in school. Since that memorable day, I have become an over achieving student earning a respectable G.P.A. as an honor student despite working 30 hrs a week and wrestling for two consecutive years. Therefore, if I could give myself advice as a high school senior, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself that college is a realistic possibility.


As a high school senior, I would tell myself that education is essential throughout life. Education will not only benefit one professionally but personally as well. An education is full of long and short term goals that are half of the time dreams that you would have never thought about, yet if highschool is almost accomplished then that is already a big step in college's doorway. Therefore, remaining with a positive attitude and determination will help overcome any obstacles. I would also mention that eventhough there might be a screw up some where here or there in the future, that should not discourage one from pursuing a career because the persistency within our education goals should be greater. Additionally, as an experienced college student I would tell myself that there is no greater support, then that of your own because if you rely on others and those others are no longer supportive of you then your goals could be affected because you made that support a necessity. If instead you believe in yourself, then everything you dream and plan will be accomplished. To end with I would advice myself that there is no true friend but yourself.


Don't settle. Many colleges and universities are using a 'blind admission' process where they are not looking at your ability to pay as a means of admission. They are looking for quality candidates to add to their student body, and if you are what they are looking for in a student; they will help you find the funds you need to pay in the form of grants, loans and scolarships. Many prospective students, and their families can feel quite daunted at the cost of higher education and may choose to not even apply to private schools because of the reported costs. If you don't apply, they cannot say yes, and if a particular private institution is on your "wish list" don't assume that you cannot get in or cannot afford it. Yes, it will be an investment and there will be (low-interest) loans to repay after graduation, but you will be educated in a place that you have chosen for the right reasons: teacher-to-student ratio, religious affiliation, specialty majors that may not be available at your state college., plus many more. Go for it. It is your future!


well i would have corrected all my mistakes and put more effort into getting into a university. knowing what i know now i would have asked all the question i would have seen all the help that would be offerd i would have ignored the negative advice people were giving me and done the correct thing i should have instead of working i would have been in school . i never realized how much help i could have gotten and all the signs were there for me i was to hard headed to understand my potential , i wish i can back at times but what " doesnt break you makes you" and with that being said i more focused and determine to get an education


Thinking back I laugh seeing how scared I was of ending an old life style and starting a new one from scratch. One where everything, and I mean everything, is left completely up to you. Its understandable to see why someone would be that scared of such a change, especially when everything seemed so complicated. But now that I've gotten a feel to it I smile and think "Its a lot easier than they make it look." That would be the first thing I'd tell my past self. To calm the nerves. Then look at her with a stern look and say slowly (and possibly repeat a few times so that it would stick) "Money is very important. Learn, and practice, how to use your money wisely." But I think that the most important would be "Don't you dare give up!" because, after all, dedication is most of the battle.


Well if i can go back to the time i was a senior in high school, i would say is not hard to attend school and pay attention so you can succed inlife, to go for it i was worried mostly in how much education would cost but not to let that stop me because i can apply for grants and financial aid and hopefully that would help me pay my education, but most importantly to take a chance on college it wont hurt to give it a try.


Life is not going to get any easier from here on. It will be the ultimate test on how far you can push yourself to your full potential and what you percieve of your own self-worth. Motivation, perseverence, and consistancy will be the words that you need to go by-- this is your future; and may be the most crucial point in your journey to independence. Education is the key to liberation, to better your own life- don't ever forget that. It's not going to be about doing what you have to do, it's about doing what you want to do for a hopeful today and brighter tomorrow. You will meet people from all walks of life that may want the same thing as you , and will struggle just like you, but it's all about the experience of truly knowing what it is to fight for change. College life will be full of temptations and distractions; see beyond it, for it will be a time of self re-evalution and improvement on being not only good to yourself, but to loved ones and the community as well. Do something great for yourself, it's time.


If I was to be able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I will most definetly warn myself about the college life. The type of advice I will give myself will be to seek a counselor right away, follow an education plan, maintain a high GPA, do not focus too much in making money, it can inturrupt your education. Have a set schedule as well as organized. Do not take classes with friends who have a background of slacking off, keep those who will go with you somewhere in life and have a succesful future. Focus in school, and priotirize it, it does not benefit anyone but yourself! Have high expectations in life and anything is possible as long as you want it. College is definelty not like high school, its a choice therefore treat it wisely. Always seek for financial help as education is getting more expensive. Lastly, try and reach your highest potential and as hard as is may be do not give up! Education is literally your future.


Wow! First of all, i am 38 years old now. I always ask myself that question, but always know the answer to that. But it is unfortunate i cannot go back and change time. Only thing i can do is make it right and follow through with my dreams and goals regardless of my age now. But, i would tell myself as a high school senior to start applying for scholarships and universities to make it financially easy on myself. Then fresh out of high school i would go straight to college, university and take no breaks. If a job is offered to you make sure you were part time if possible to go to school full time. But, one thing is for sure is never take a break from school. Continue even when it gets tough. The restless nights of studying will all be worth while at the end. So have fun with friends, but remember there is a balance and school is priority


I always think about this, It's something I wish could've really happened... I chose these steps and although I don't regret any of it, it's the time I wasted I feel is the my biggest let down. I'd say, "Terry, boys will always be there, focus on a career, make something of yourself! The sky's the limit! Go to the tutoring center and pass that Algebra 2 class you need to transfer straight out of High School." Your parents came to this country in search of a better life for you and your siblings, they don't want to see you work all your life like they do. College is fun, (Trust me) you get to pick your own classes and study an array of subjects. Study as much as you can this year, it'll definitely worth it in the long run. Good luck girlfriend, you can do anything you set your mind to. This is exactly what I would tell the high school me! I actually have a little brother in HS right now, my speech to him is remarkably similar. You live and your learn and I want him to learn!


i would tell myself to apply to many scholarship as you can so you be able to have money for books and materials that you will be needing for your classes. also try to apply to universities to see if they would accept you sp you would start at a university than in a community college.


Going to college is a little longer process than to just go into a university as soon as soon as you get out of high school so try your best to get into a university but dont get me wron going to college can be a good experience, but just a little harder to transfer out.


The advice that i would give myself is to take classes as early as i can so i can get ahead. and to try find all the financial aid i can because i will need it. and finally i would tell myself not to worry ill be okay.


With the knowledge and experience that I posses today, the most important advice that I could give myself as a high school senior would deal with the emotion of fear. It was fear that kept me from challenging myself directly after graduating high school, delaying my efforts to attend college. With this fear consuming my every desire I was forced to work in dead end jobs, struggling to make ends meet in my life. Eight years after graduating high school I enrolled at East Los Angeles College. Once there I challenged those fears that held me back for so many years, and I discovered that my fears were unnecessary. I discovered that most of my fears involved challenging my potential and communicating my ideas within a college classroom setting. After confronting these challenges, I discovered the extent of my intellect and capabilities, earning outstanding grades and awards for my performance. Not only did I realize my true potential, but I also found a new direction in life. Now I am working on my long term goal to become a productive member of society as a clinical psychologist, a stark contrast to the frightened high school senior I used to be.


I would tell my younger self to set a goal for himself and know which direction to take towards that goal.


The advice i would give myself is: 1) Save your money, you're going to need it 2) Choose the right major for you 3) Go to class, it's important 4) Read the books you buy 5) Rent the books/look for deals 6) Take a lot of classes, don't get stuck at a junior college 7) Be polite, use your manners 8) Keep in touch with your friends from high school 9) Register to classes early, get a schedule that works best 10) Live life, you only have one


the only thing i would change about my senior year would be taking classes more series. Put in more effert into my studys like i do today. forcusing more on classes and sports more than girls. studying not only in what's in school, but what was to await me after graducation.


I would tell myself to get some college experience doing AP courses and taking more college classes in community colleges. It helps with the transferring requirements to a University because I would have taken courses I do not care much on taking now with all the classes I actually need.


The transition from high school to college is a daunting task. The responibilities that are now placed upon your shoulders, as scary as it sounds, is not that bad and is an easy transiton. Sometimes, people can make the transition sound worse than the true reality. The best thing to do, for the first semester, is to take a Counseling Class. A Counseling Class will assist you so you won't feel overwhelmed, as I was my first semester. In the Counseling Class, you are given tips on getting around the campus to allow time to walk from class to class, doing homework in a timely matter, and the ablility to pick classes that fit your schedule. But, the number one thing to keep in mind is that you will succeed. Do not listen to negative people who will tell you that the transition from high school to college is hard and that you might not succeed. In reality, you are going to succed and will prove to yourself and to others that it can be accomplished. The challenge of college is well worth the education you will learn to make this world a better place for everyone.