East Los Angeles College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Everything is unique, from the atmosphere, to the students, to the lifestyle


East Los Angeles College is a community college that is meant to be a stepping stone to four-year universities. The best thing about this college are the resources available and the friendly faculty that make it a point to engage students and help guide them. Having gone to two community colleges, this one was by far the best for what I wanted to do, transfer. On the other hand, the degree programs are also highly-regarded on campus for their rigor and their variety. There is a place for every student!


The best thing about my school is diverse and people are friendly. The staff is great, as well as professors.


The social environment is plenty of better than the one at high school. The students are more mature and willing to help. Everyone is unique and each person has different reasons for attending this school. Put simply it is very diverse. There are many resources here at the school for students to use. The surrounding is also great because Hollywood is just 15 minutes away and there is plenty of places to shop and hang out.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. They are always there to help you when you need it. They will also spend time with you to make sure you nderstand he lesson. They really want us to succeed and it shows in how uch time they spend with us helping us.


Well i personally think the best thing of my school is that the teachers there are really helpfull with anything you need help with. They would review over and over what youre having difficulties in. But the best thing about my school is that that it has a great environment and you feel like if youre learning more and more every day you go to school, the teachers are great they know what theyre teaching you and what you need to be learning they are also very respectful and encouraging.


I would consider the PACE program (Program for Adult Eduacation) the best thing at ELAC. Why, because it helps working adults in their pursuit of an AA and possible transfer options. I'm a PACE success story!


programs that they offered because they are good programs


The best thing about my school is the professors. this is the best thing because most of the professors are former east los angeles college students so they know our struggles and hardships so they are willing to work with use because they want us to exceed.