East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Sadly, many of my classmates are just partiers who dont care about school much and only worry about going and getting drunk or doing drugs to have a good time.


This is an odd question seeing that I haven't seen them since 1997...but the students at ESU were all very nice. It was a great place to build great relationships and lasting friendships.


In every school there are different types of students that can range from determined and hardworking students, to students who might have forgotten about their goals; however, I like to associate myself with the students that have the same interests and goals as I do.


My classmates are goal oriented and willing to take the risk in order to be successful.


My classmates are friendly, engagine, and are always willing to lend a hand.


from all different areas of the usa and different social classes


Everyone pretty much has their own cliques but they are willing to you if needed.


The classmates I had while attending East Stroudsburg University were wonderful, helpful, kind, generous, and caring!


Most of the classmates are willing to talk and be social


Diverse, one can see lots of different ethnic groups, different beliefs that others hold, different ways of life, from being a traditional student to parents taking classes, which allows for a lot of learning from different experiences... on the whole, a positive thing.


The students here are very friendly and help their fellow classmates out whenever they need it.


Most of my classmates only take my classes because they are GE, while they are my core classes, so all-in-all, they are very annoying.


Everyone at ESU is pretty outgoing, friendly, and very diverse.