East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

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The Biology program with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy is great for my future career goals. The knowledge the professors have provided me with will be useful when I enter grad school. The tutors that ESU provides allow me to better understand the material presented to me in class. With the help of the instructors and the tutors I have been able to master the concepts presented to me. Another added bonus of attending ESU is that it is financially cheaper than other schools in the area by being close to home.


This school is just the right size for me, it's not too large and not too small. Where it is situated makes for an easier time to get to stores and shopping centers. At the same time, it is surounded by a unique and beautiful scenery that nowhere else can offer.


One thing that is very loveable about East stroudsburg University is the area, people, professors etc... ESU has tons of unique things about the best is the area. Anything you need is in that area, Food, shopping, amusement, Nature, hospitals etc... No matter what you need you can find it at ESU.


There is a large gay community


there is not anything unique about ESU. it is just your average university.


It wasn't in the middle of nowhere and it had a well established teaching and math program where the others were trying to start those programs.