East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Not sure


I brag about my Chemistry professor. He is so friendly and such a good teacher. I'm learning so much by being in his class and I'm happy to have him again next semester. The school has also recently built new dorms and they are quite lovely. One has a new workout center on the first floor; this also created more jobs for the students on campus.


I haven't been there long enough to brag.


The computer lab is very advanced and that the school has multiple clubs and interest groups that a person can join. It is also easy for students to find a job on campus.


I brag about how the campus is the perfect size. In terms of the number of students there are enough for a person to meet all kinds of different people, but not so many that a person will get lost among the crowd. Class sizes are small. My largest class is about 35 or 40 students. I can get any personal attention that i may need. The size of the actual campus itself is awesome too. I don't have to leave 20 minutes before class just so that i arrive on time.


I brag to my friends about how I call school at ESU my home rather than the permanent home I have always lived in. I am looking forward to an apartment that I can get into that is part of ESU's campus and it is just beautiful. I brag about living there, hopefully, next year. I also brag about the friends I have made. I feel like they are more long term friendships than any friends I have made before. There is almost little to no drama at ESU, also, which is a very good thing.


I brag about how the professors are very approachable. I also brag about some of the activities that are put on like concerts and trips. The school isn't very big so that makes it more of an intimate setting which I prefer over a larger school too.


I work full time and live at home, so I spend no time on campus except for those hours I spend in the classroom. I do, however, speak highly of my professors, as well as the advisors in the Business management program. The faculty is very helpful, eager, and are always accessible outside of class. They also make the course work interesting and often relate current events to the course.


I like the area where I go to school, there is so much to see and do like hiking and skiing, its awesome. I also like that the classes are small, it makes learning and focusing a lot more interactive. You can't miss class too often when the professor knows you.


I do not brag about this school. Why would I? I only came here after I transferred from a private school; after changing my major. The only thing I would brag about if I did, would be the people I have met since coming here. They are the best!