East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about East Stroudsburg University is the food servers. Some of those people working are just miserable all the time. It would be easy to avoid them if it were the bookstore workers or Recreation center workers but it's the food servers. We have to come in contact with them every day and sometimes they are just downright rude.


The worst thing about ESU is it does not help students focus on the future. It focuses on doing well athletically, and accademically. It does not help students prepare to manage loans and bills, and financial aid gives very little assistance. It does not give students skills in writing resumes, interviewing, or researching jobs.


Our classrooms are filled with some of the best students and professors; therefore, I believe our classrooms should have the best furniture as well.


The worst thing about my school East Stroudsburg University is the lack of public transportation. It is hard to get anywhere around here if you dont have a car. The bus only comes once an hour and there are no trains. So the only thing that you could really do is either walk, take a cab, or get a ride from a friend. Cabs are very expensive around here and the the weather gets really bad sometimes. Public transportation would be easier for many students because they could use it instead of using their car and not having parking.


The worst thing about my school is the parking issue. The parking on campus is not exactly limited, but the permits given out to students seem like far too many. Many kids live within walking distance to the college, yet drive every day and take up spaces for people like me who live 20 minutes away. I think that permits should be given based upon distance to the college and then everything else would be by special appeal and permission. That would save so many people time and a lot of stress and frustration.


The food in the cafeteria sometimes. The caf has its good days but there are times when I left still feeling hungry because I couldn't eat the food that was prepared.


Sometimes they can be very disorganized, and often they don't inform the students on time about important things, if at all.


The amount of parking for students.


The food. The quality of the food is not great and the service is not normally cooperative.


The worst thing about East Stroudsburg University is that they are not very organized. Dealing with the financial aid office is worse than contemplating suicide. If you need to have something done financially, you are going to be at their office 4 or 5 times before you actually get something accomplished. They also tend to be very VAGUE on a lot of things.


The bathrooms in the dorms, especially the showers or the chairs in the library.